The Day The Music Died

By Evan Markfield - October 12, 2007

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Apparently, there are some problems with the musical selections the women's team selected. The music suddenly stopped during a skit, forcing the ladies on the floor to stand there awkwardly.

The crowd, though a bit confused, went for some random clapping for the players, who were dressed up in superhero outfits.

"Give it up for their costumes at least," Stu Scott told the crowd.

A couple more Carolina recruits just rolled in, and they're hard to miss, as 6-foot-11 twins often are. The twins in question are Travis and David Wear, out from the West Coast to take in Late Night With Roy.

But back to the women for a second -- the music has gone haywire again, and this portion of the evening is threatening to turn into a disaster. They haven't lost the crowd, though, so that's good.

Posted by Evan Markfield at 07:23 PM on October 12, 2007

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