The Elgin Report

By Jerry Palm - October 30, 2007

ST. LOUIS -- Doug Elgin got the festivities started by briefly giving us the state of the Valley. Needless to say, things have rarely been better.

* The league will get $4.2M from the distribution of money from the men's basketball tournament. That is the value of 24 units, and ranks ninth among conferences. In case you don't realize how important the men's basketball tournament is to leagues like this, that amount represents 70 percent of the revenue the league will generate this year.

* Just about every school has just finished building new or rehabbing their facilities, or plans are in the works to do that.

* The deal that has the MVC tournament in St. Louis expires after this season. Kansas City, Des Moines, St. Louis, Omaha and Chicago were asked to bid on hosting it beginning in 2009. Chicago is the only city that didn't respond. The league expects to announce the winner in mid-November.

Omaha is the home city of Creighton, and that could work against it. Elgin said, "That is certainly a consideration. Some would view that as a step backwards, but our people are balancing that with what the cities can bring to the table."

* He also said that league expansion is not on the horizon and not really in anyone's thoughts. He thinks that the stability of their membership has been a real strength and is one of the reasons that the league has grown the way it has.

Posted by Jerry Palm at 01:57 PM on October 30, 2007

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