C-USA: Beale Street Baskets

By David Scott - March 13, 2008

MEMPHIS -- Things are picking up here a bit. Four tables of fans are eating lunch. Whitney is about half way done polishing. Big Al has called back to his old high school, Bishop Ready High School, where he was AD and head basketball coach, and informed the hard-working students to log on to CSTV.com.

Word-of-mouth advertising is our best ally.

Big David has caled back to his sister, Marci. but it's likely work time for her. His son Jacob is in playtime and doesn't have computer access.

. . . The Hoyas are comfortably ahead and we're trying to find other games to watch but the Saucer isn't exactly a sports bar. But it is a bar where the waitresses wear school girl mini-skirts as part of the uniform, it's not always abotu what's on the TV screen if you catch our drift. (Big Al, of course, the ex-hoops coach that he is, is all about the hoops. He's been very dispapointed in the officiating all season long, if you were wondering."

Interesting to note, however, that the bartenders (ie Whitney with the Promise Ring) do not wear mini-skirts. Too much bending over is their excuse.

. . . Kirk The Manager admitted that the bar and others like this one have been disappointed in the attendance for the C-USA Tournament in recent years. "They seem to only come out for the Tigers," said Kirk.

. . . Sunny and 75 in Memphis todaay. They got four inches of snow on Saturday. "It was gone Sunday," says David. "But boy did they panic here."

. . . Big Al and David have already bonded because David lived in Columbus (Big Al's town) for three years. "The Columbus Connection in Memphis," said Big Al.

. . . Just an update on the actual games going on a few hundred yars from our perch. Tulsa and UAB tip right about now.

. . . Consensus among our group is that every bar should have waitresses in school girl dresses.

. . . Big Al and Hang Time share the same phone - the Verizon NV with flip up keyboard. Nothing cooler than a 68-year-old man who texts. Big Al is my idol.

Posted by David Scott at 01:05 PM on March 13, 2008
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What's Big Al drinking? We heard he's a hottie!!!!

Just wanted to know since "Big Al" was a high school coach if he is assisting the Tigers basetball team. Maybe he could share some pointers on Free Throws.

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