He's Outta Here...And So Is He

By Josh Herwitt - April 18, 2008

Over the past year or so, I've had the opportunity and privilege to discuss the latest happenings in and around the college basketball world in this space.

And as the days, weeks and months passed, we saw plenty go down, from Joey Dorsey's "Make It Rain" party on Beale Street to Lute Olson's leave of absence to Bob Knight's abrupt retirement to Mario Chalmers' miracle three-pointer in what will be forever remembered in Kansas' stunning championship comeback this season.

Yes, the list just seems to go on and on, but for as much as fun as it was, it's time unfortunately for me to say goodbye.

They always say that saying goodbye is the hardest thing to do, though I'm not the only one changing directions on this mid-April day.

In fact, one of Hang Time's most colorful characters this season, Bucknell coach Pat Flannery, has also decided to end his post after 14 years at his (and my) alma mater, and it's quite coincidental that we're both going out -- albeit different highway exits -- on the same day.

But I guess life has a funny way of working itself out like that.

So on July 1, Flannery will assume his new role as a fund-raiser within Bucknell's Office of Development and Alumni Relations, and in the next week, I will assume a new position in the sports media at another three-letter network far, far away from this metropolis they call the Big Apple.

But in the end, when it's all said and done, the ride was good for both of us.

For Flannery, it finished with two incredible wins in the NCAA Tournament.

For me, it finished with my first-ever trip to the Final Four.

Sure, it's not as glamorous as beating Kansas or Arkansas in March, but that isn't what really matters.

Because while we each had our lovers and haters, we both knew that we put everything we had into what we were doing, not just because we had to, but because we wanted to.

It's that dedication that I'll never rip Flannery for -- only his sideline antics and in-game coaching moves -- but it's something I'll take with me wherever I go.

And with that I say goodbye and good luck and for those already anticipating the 2008-09 season, here's to next year.

After all, there's only 200 more days to go.

Posted by Josh Herwitt at 10:56 AM on April 18, 2008

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