March 19, 2008

The Omaha Regional Day-Before Preview

OMAHA, Ne.-- Say it with me, Rawwwwwk, Chawwwwwk, Jaaaa-hawwwwwk, Kaaaaay, Uuuuuu!
You'll hear a lot of that in Omaha this weekend. Because no matter how much publicity and scouting attention that USC and Kansas State get, or how many "Is Omaha exciting enough for ya'?" inquiries UNLV gets or how much defensive love the Wisconsin Badgers get or even how many "Don't you guys usually play baseball here?" questions that Cal State Fullerton gets, this will be KU's town for the next 72 hours.

(Sasha Kaun and KU should be celebrating after this weekend)

The Jayhawks are too talented, too experienced and too bent about last year's aborted run to Atlanta, they're going to be mean and nasty about making amends this post-season at the Qwest Center Omaha. Aren't they?

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