Trojans rob the cradle, then add a JC for now or later

By Bill Hodge - June 21, 2007

# The USC Trojans have collected two unusual commitments in 5-10 eighth-grader Ryan Boatright of Aurora, Ill., who has yet to even decide on a high school ... East or West; and Class 2008 guard Donte Smith of Mt. San Antonio CC, Cal., who is seeking to enter USC this fall instead of next year.

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Posted by Bill Hodge at 09:24 AM on June 21, 2007
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NCAA rules do NOT prohibit college coaches from talking to grade school kids at all! USC has found a loophole that needs to be closed FAST. This can really mess up a kid if he turns out to be a bad high school player and the college decides not to offer him a scholarship... it could really destroy a kid.

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