Big secret in South is even larger

By Bill Hodge - November 10, 2007

It's one of those good news deals.

High school fanatics have already been talking about two outstanding prospects at Melbourne-Eau Gallie, Fla., in senior guard Steven Coleman, who has committed to Ohio; and sophomore forward Justin Jackson.

But colleges are also beginning to call senior 6-10 center Robby Goldsmith, who has grown three inches and put on 20 pounds. He averaged 12 points, nine rebounds and four blocks in summer competition.

"Robby is kind of an unknown," says coach Brandon Palmer, who was named coach at Eau Gallie after two years as an assistant. "not a lot of people realize what he has become.

"Robby has come a long way since his sophomore year. He spent a lot of time in the weight room and is more mobile, filled out, tougher, stronger, more aggressive and meaner. He has more confidence and is realizing he can own both boards if he fights for the ball. Robby is very smart (3.83 GPA) and now has the size to block out and get position. Technically, he always knows what he is doing and has a great outside shot for a guy that size with three-point range, plus an inside jump hook. He even won the team three-point contest. Robby isn't a slasher, but does a great job of getting position and being open."

Goldsmith's new size and confidence is impressive. Palmer says the senior surprised him by starting to slam during summer games. "I looked at people around me and thought, hey, what do we suddenly have here?"

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Posted by Bill Hodge at 07:52 AM on November 10, 2007

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