Singleton picks FSU over Kentucky

By Bill Hodge - November 14, 2007

# Top 100 forward Chris Singleton of Dunwoody, Ga., ranked No. 28 overall in Class 2008, has signed with Florida State over Kentucky, among many others.

Van Coleman:
Thoughts on Singleton's commitment: "A huge commitment for Florida State. This gives them a next-level player who has the potential to be a future lottery pick. That might sound like a stretch since we only have him at No. 28, but this is a player in the development stages with a big upside. Singleton's spring-to-summer maturation was amazing. He went from a power inside player to a guy who could step out to 17 feet to shoot it or take it off the dribble. He's not 6-foot-6 doing this. He's 6-foot 8, 225 pounds doing this. He's got the potential to be a force in college."

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Class 2008 Basketball Signing Dates: (Early Period) Nov. 14-21, 2007; (Regular Period) Apr. 16-May 21, 2008

Posted by Bill Hodge at 04:21 PM on November 14, 2007

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