Fall "to" Grace

By Amsinger - November 07, 2005

How many times have you witnessed a TV celebrity fall off his/her chair or off a stage/set live on television? It's a priceless moment and ironically has the capacity to launch that persons' career.

Ladies and Gentlemen, with that said - watch out for Brian Curtis! Our college football insider made the best career move ever by taking a silly spill off our Crystal Ball set last week. In case you missed it, I was forced to wear a Virginia Tech football jersey that was far too small (ask why later) and decided to end the show flexing my muscles while standing up. Mr. Curtis, went "Off Prompter" by standing up directly behind me to assist with my suit jacket (I didn't ask him to do so). Meanwhile, Brian Jones came up with a brilliant plan to spring up from his seat and lower his shoulder into my gut. The force from the former NFL linebacker smashed by backside into Brian Curtis' head - launching the insider/author off the set as the credits rolled.

The show ended with Mr. Curtis on his fanny.

Hold on, it actually ended with Ray Lucas, Brian Jones and yours truly laughing hysterically.

Don't worry all you groupies out there, Mr. Curtis was unharmed.

Two days later - the next time I had a chance to see BC, I shook his hand, changed the subject from all that "lawsuit" stuff he continuously brought up and told him, "Brian, that was GREAT television."

I never got the chance to explain to him how "great" it was. Matter of fact, it took me a good five minutes to start comparing Curtis' colossal crash to some of the greatest of all time. After ranking some of the best in my head I realized that a simple fall is the closest thing to a goldmine!

Example #1: Geraldo

Back in the 80's Geraldo Rivera busted his nose in a fight with a guest on his lame talk-show. That fall was good enough to keep Geraldo on the radar for years. When his fall-fame finished, Geraldo landed on a news network - where another spill - while doing a live report, helped Mr. Rivera land his own daytime show. Falling lifts you up, Geraldo is proof of it.

Example #2: Bob Dole

Do you remember when Dole fell victim to a faulty hand rail while on the 1996 Presidential Campaign trail? I think the republican candidate attempted to stage-dive in a weak attempt to land the GenX vote.

Example #3: Chris Farley

When didn't falling work for this comedic legend?

Example #4: Nancy Kerrigan

Sure she was hit in the leg, but in the long run it may have been the best fall of her career.

Example #5: Brian Curtis

He has a couple books under his belt already - but just you wait!!! After a Crystal Ball fall, this guy will dominate the industry!

Watch "Crystal Ball Presented by XBOX Live" this Wednesday night at 7pm to see if Ray or BJ follow in the footsteps of a genius.

Posted by Amsinger at 08:57 PM on November 07, 2005

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