New Hoops Rule!!!

By Amsinger - November 25, 2005

It's called a "do over."

After watching the South Padre Island Invitational on CSTV - I realized a new rule is essential. Wichita state was up one over #15 Illinois with under five seconds to play when the inbounds pass under the Shockers' own net was converted two feet in front for a one-point Illini lead. The Shockers in-bound the ball and heave a three-quarters-court shot with no time left that WENT IN!!!!

Here is where the "do over" rule would be used.

Since the shot went in and Karon Bradley barely missed getting the attempt off in time, officials should have regrouped and decided to give the Shockers one more crack at it - with the same amount of time as before...1:26 seconds left. Except, the ball is placed at half-court!!!

You think I'm an idiot don't you?

Think about it, the shot was incredible! With it, the Shockers "earned" a second chance. I do understand the loopholes are endless with a rule like this - so let me clear things up.

1.) Only shots that are half-court or longer are allowed a "do-over."

2.) Any shot that qualifies, regardless of score, earns the team - that shot the ball - possession out-of-bounds at half court.

3.) The time that was left on the clock before the "series" that led to the final shot is put back on the clock. (Example, 5 seconds are remaining before a team inbounds, the shot is released after the buzzer sounds - 5 seconds are put back on the clock.)

4.) There is a time "Cushion" that is no more than two seconds after regulation (or the first half) expires.

5.) A "do over" time clock is operated by a "do over" technician.

6.) The "do over" technician can not be younger than 18, no older than 23 years of age.

7.) Coaches, players and fans that scream in protest of a "do over" are automatically ejected from the game. This teaches them a lesson because they'll miss one helluva fun finish

The rule is simple. The rule fits. Love the rule.

Wouldn't basketball - and life for that matter - be much more interesting if we were given a "do over" every once in a while?

Posted by Amsinger at 09:23 PM on November 25, 2005

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