Things I love more than the BCS

By Amsinger - December 02, 2005

1. Tomatoes

2. Adam Wodin's (CSTV Hockey Analyst) ability to memorize St. Lawrence's 3rd and 4th lines in men's hockey.

3. Good TV Producers

4. Rice's football season...the Owls finished 1-10.

5. Indiana State's football season...the Sycamores finished 0-11.

6. Knee surgery when I was 14 years old.

7. That loud obnoxious fan that follows me to every sporting event I attend. Yes, I love him more than the BCS.

8. Brian Jones' (CSTV Football Analyst) knack of referencing his "Momma" during game discussions.

9. My sophomore year of high school. I had severe acne and didn't know how to comb my hair.

10. Playoffs...duh.

11. A hot cup of coffee on a warm, steamy, summer day.

12. This theory, "every week is a playoff". Boy does that drive me crazy. Still, I love it more than the BCS.

13. Kansas being 2-3 in men's basketball. Sorry Bill Self, I was born in Missouri.

14. The concept that kickers should be the only voters to determine a national champion. I came up with that one.

15. American Idol.

16. Bobby Knight's sweaters.

17. Bill Cosby's sweaters. Don't ask me to pick between the two.

18. Rush hour traffic.

19. Wearing ties on TV. I never wear them.

20. any sport. Love 'em more than the BCS.

21. 3-day old pizza.

22. Collegiate Debate Championships. Have you seen this event? It's awesome!

23. Coming up with original meanings for the BCS. Better Championship Solution sounds good to me.

24. Brian Curtis' (CSTV Football Insider) love for the BCS. I think it's because his initials are in the thing.

25. Pork Rinds.

26. Wearing makeup on TV.

27. This quote from coaches/players, "We just have to take it one game at a time."

28. Full arm-bands. You know, Iverson wears them. I love arm-bands more than the BCS.

29. Four year college stars who are having success in the NBA. Channing Frye is setting an example.

30. The lack of parity in men's water polo. If you're not in the MPSF, don't even think about a national title.

31. My orthotics. Yes, I have flat feet.

32. Oregon NOT playing in a BCS bowl game. The Ducks also lost to USC, but didn't lose to Michigan State.

33. USC playing for a national title in PASADENA!!!

34. Conference championship games. I hate them more than the BCS.

35. The method of selecting the Heisman winner. Are Ricky Williams and Charles Woodson really following along?

36. Sneezing.

37. Razor-burn.

38. Quarterbacks and running backs getting all the glory.

39. The business side of college sports.

40. Plum tomatoes. Love them much more than the BCS.

Posted by Amsinger at 07:28 PM on December 02, 2005

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