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By Amsinger - March 03, 2006

Here's the deal with me, I have equal love for both men's and women's basketball. I believe everyone should. Basketball is basketball and great players are just that...great. Therefore, days after unveiling my inaugural All Amerisinger 1st and 2nd Teams for the men's game, it's time to honor those that helped elevate women's basketball to a whole new level.

As I did for the men's All Amerisinger squads, I'll explain the criteria involved in selecting the All Amerisingers:

*I select ONE point guard, ONE shooting guard, ONE small forward/slashing guard, ONE power forward, ONE center.

2006 1st Team All Amerisingers:

PG - Ivory Latta, Jr. North Carolina = 18.2 pts., 5.2 assists, 2 rebs. and 2 steals per game.
She's become the face of women's college basketball. You won't find another student athlete in any sport with more passion than Ivory. Don't be surprised is this point guard is cutting down the nets in Boston.

SG - Cappie Pondexter, Sr. Rutgers = 21.4 pts., 4.2 rebs. and 3.4 assists per game.
Enjoy her college days while they last, because legendary players don't come around often. Rutgers is a national champion contender and Cappie is the reason. A dedicated 5th year senior, Pondexter is the female version of former Duke standout Jay Williams. She can do it all from the point guard position and will be the #1 pick in the 2006 WNBA Draft.

SF - Seimone Augustus, Sr. LSU = 22.7 pts., 4.5 rebs. and 2 assists per game.
If Pondexter is the #1 pick, Seimone is the #2 selection come draft day. She could win National Player of the Year for the second consecutive season. Her leadership is golden and the way she's helped Sylvia Fowles evolve into a superstar is crucial to LSU's hopes of winning a national title. In my opinion, this is Seimone's year - LSU wins the National Championship!

PF - Sophia Young, Sr. Baylor = 21.7 pts., 10 rebs. and 1 block per game.
Here's where the debate begins. Does Candace Parker deserve this spot over Young? I say no. Young is a defending national champion who is carrying the Lady Bears on her back to another 20-win season and if it wasn't for Courtney Paris (who I'll get to in a second), Sophia would be a Player of the Year candidate. But with Paris leading OU to a pair of victories over Young and Baylor, Courtney slides ahead of Baylor's finest in that race. As for the Parker argument, go ahead, check out the stats...Young is more deserving.

C - Courtney Paris, Fr. Oklahoma = 20.9 pts., 15 rebs. and 3.3 blocks per game.
When writing a blog like this, I try to give a perfect explanation behind each selection. With Courtney...just look at those stats - ENOUGH SAID.

2006 2nd Team All Amerisingers:

PG - Melanie Boeglin, Sr. Indiana St. = 18.3 pts., 4.7 rebs. and 7 assists per game.
Whoa! Here's a shocker! Boeglin, the all-time steals leader in MVC history - is the heavy favorite to win Conference Player of the Year honors. She's a joy to watch play the game and like I mention time and time again, when deciding my 1st and 2nd teams, I need ONE of each position. The 2nd Team point guard was a tough call, with players like Thorburn (Utah) and Grant (Texas Tech) out there...I had to consider which player meant more to her team. Boeglin wins that argument by a long shot.

SG - Monique Currie, Sr. Duke = 16.4 pts., 5.6 rebs. and 2.8 assists per game.
One of the best all around players in the nation is capping off her college playing days in style. Currie may be the #3 pick in the WNBA Draft. She's become much more of a team player as she's matured and at times, she's simply "un-guardable."

SF - Khara Smith, Sr. DePaul = 17.8 pts., 11.1 rebs. and 2 steals per game.
Here's a power forward that I'm sliding down to the three because she's 6'2 and can handle the rock more than people give her credit for. Again, a very tough call with Candace Parker out there. Smith is simply too tough to pass up. Statistically, her scoring and rebounding are higher than Parker's. While Candace will eventually be a much better player, this is Khara's senior season...hence, the 2nd Team honor.

PF - Sylvia Fowles, So. LSU = 17 pts., 11.6 rebs. and 2 blocks per game.
No question here. A 6'6 force in the paint that has WNBA scouts drooling. Only a sophomore, Fowles can take over a game by herself. Throw in Seimone Augustus and I have no doubts - LSU will win the National Championship!

C - Jessica Davenport, Jr. OSU = 19.4 pts., 8.4 rebs. and 3 blocks per game.
I've said many times that Oklahoma's Courtney Paris is the women's basketball version of Shaquille O'Neal. Along those same lines, Jessica Davenport is the equivalent to Tim Duncan. She is so skilled and just a junior! This Ohio State superstar is my frontrunner for 2007 National Player of the Year.

Before you get upset and accuse me of overlooking anyone - here are the top 15 players that barely missed my 1st and 2nd Team All Amerisingers.

2006 All Amerisinger Honorable Mention:

Candace Parker, Tennessee: She's the most talented player in the nation. But, had her freshman moments.
Shona Thorburn, Utah: Tough call between her and Boeglin. The difference? Boeglin can't pass to Kim Smith.
Tasha Humphrey, Georgia: After losing so much front-court talent in the off-season, Tasha led the team.
Candace Wiggins, Stanford: Fantastic scorer I predict will be a 1st Team All Amerisinger next season.
Kim Smith, Utah: She's capping off a fantastic career. If she and Thorburn ran the table in the MWC, they could have been 2nd Teamers.
Crystal Langhorne, Maryland: The best player on a great team, such a great team - individuals are overlooked.
Shanna Zolman, Tennessee: Lady Vol fans are going to hate me. This great shooter deserves Honorable Mention.
Liz Shimek, Michigan St.: The heart and soul of the Spartans. If Shimek is on, MSU could make it back to the Final 4.
LaToya Davis, Texas Tech: Her stats are out of sight, unfortunately her team was too...literally.
Jessica Dixon, USF: Have you seen this Big East star play? Tune into CSTV Sunday, she's awesome! 22 pts/game.
Erin Grant, Texas Tech: The 4th best point guard this season. May be the 2nd point guard taken in the WNBA Draft.
Tamara James, Miami: Here's a 20 pt. scorer who can do it all. Unfortunately, she's NIT-bound.
Ambrosia Anderson, BYU: Utah's super seniors overshadow this fantastic forward. Watch for her in the Tourney.
Shay Doron, Maryland: Here's a point guard that can do it all. With Shay and Crystal back next year, WATCH OUT!
Katie Gearlds, Purdue: The heart and soul of the biggest surprise in the Big Ten. Katie will be dominant next year.

There you have 'em. A grand total of 25 players. Did I overlook someone that is more deserving than the fantastic players I just mentioned? Let me know! I'll react to your comments shortly.

Posted by Amsinger at 04:24 PM on March 03, 2006

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