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By Amsinger - April 17, 2006

Sometimes a talking head needs a break from talking. After the Final Four I slowed down a bit. In the meantime, I missed sharing my thoughts on many different college sports issues. In case you missed balking at my opinions the last three weeks, allow me to supply you with plenty of ammo.

*Outside of the Final BORE being stale and stiff, the city of Indianapolis will always be the best place for the event.

*Florida is the nation's best team? If Duke faced Florida ten times this season, the Devils would win seven, UConn six and Texas six as well. Ah...the beauty of the Tournament!

*I was SO WRONG on my LSU pick for the women's basketball title. So was just about everyone else. Maryland?

*The Duke lacrosse situation is as ugly as it gets. The ripple-effect from this story will last a decade in Durham. Beyond sports, the racial implications of a story like this are huge.

*I'm still messed up from the death of Maggie Dixon. After hanging out with her in New York and Indy, I was introduced to her contagious vibrancy. Her relationship with brother Jamie, is - not was, but IS still a beautiful thing to this day. Maggie will never be forgotten.

*The Texas Longhorns baseball team is playing like a sleeping giant. Barely escaping a three-game sweep to the hands of Baylor, the 'Horns may be jetting outside the Top Ten. Still, Auggie Garrido's bunch remain the most talented in the country.

*USC running back LenDale White is not a risk in this NFL Draft. Of all the backs available, he's the most NFL ready. His hamstring injury is turning GM's heads away and that is ridiculous! Remember Willis McGahee? His injury was worse and LenDale is down right better.

*The best freshman athlete in ALL of college sports so far this academic year was Oklahoma women's basketball star Courtney Paris. North Carolina's Tyler Hansbrough is second. Minnesota men's hockey star Phil Kessel is third and Northwestern running back Tyrell Sutton is fourth.

*The most dominant college athlete in ALL sports is Texas softball ace Cat Osterman. So far, the senior southpaw is 27-1 with 6 no-hitters, 18 shutouts, over 400 strikeouts in less than 200 innings and an ERA of 0.34!!! Name the athlete is more dominant.

*I just returned from Dallas, TX doing play-by-play for the 2006 National Collegiate Paintball Championships and let me tell you, the climatic ending to the title bout is one of the most exciting college sports moments I've experienced this year! Mark my words, this sport is the next poker! It's addictive! Stay tuned to this blog and for dates and times for the premiere of the 2006 National Collegiate Paintball Championships.

*Rice junior guard Morris Almond made a HUGE mistake by declaring for the NBA Draft. Despite not signing with an agent (yet), Almond sounded like he was bidding Rice University farewell. Not a smart move by a guy that was hidden in Conference USA by Memphis and would have been a preseason All-American by staying one more year.

*I'm not surprised LSU forward Tyrus Thomas and UConn's Rudy Gay are going pro. Both players understand their stock cannot get higher than it is right now. Don't be shocked if Gay falls out of the top ten on Draft Day.

*Bobby Gonzalez is a great hire by Seton Hall. This guy busts his butt on the recruiting trail. Expect the Pirates to make the Big East Tournament and ride the bubble into the NCAA's in 2007. Yeah, he's that good.

*If you love college baseball like me, check out Vanderbilt freshman 3rd baseman Pedro Alvarez. This guy has 10 home runs in his last 11 games! On the season, the frosh is hitting .357 with 13 hr's and 41 RBI in just 36 games.

*What a season by the Virginia Cavaliers men's lacrosse team! 11-0, with one more regular season game left. Outside of a 7-6 win over Princeton, the Cavs have cruised through their schedule. Navy remains my pick to win the national title.

*I sure hope Jim Larranaga stays at George Mason for years to come. N.C. State is an appealing job, just not for him. Here's a name nobody will mention - Quinn Snyder. Why not? He recruited the hell out of Duke when he was an assistant there, sure he royally screwed up the Missouri program - but come on...he's an ACC guy.

Posted by Amsinger at 06:46 PM on April 17, 2006

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