Top 50 Reasons Why Media Days Rock

By Amsinger - August 02, 2006

My peoples!!!! I hope you all are enjoying some fun in the sun. I sure as hell did. Fresh off the media day tour, where I visited with coaches and players from the Big East, ACC, SEC and CUSA - here are my top 50 reasons why I had such a great time covering events that are usually known for being super boring.

Top 50 Reasons Why Media Days Rock:

1. Translating all of George O’Leary’s code numbers that stand for cuss words

2. Watching huge football players eat

3. Hearing reporters ask the same question 114 different ways (I counted)

4. Pitching show ideas for the network with Florida State’s LB Buster Davis (he wants to host all of them by the way)

5. Meeting local TV guys and remembering how bad I had it.

6. The facial expressions of head coaches when they walk in ANOTHER interview room.

7. Virginia QB Christian Olsen’s rendition of, “Had a Bad Day”

8. Listening to Bobby Bowden say “dag gummitt”

9. Meeting Sports Information Directors who think the importance of their respective head coaches actually makes them more important than you

10. The free polo shirts handed out to the media for showing up.

11. Writers who wear the free polo for the next two days…straight

12. Getting sun at the hotel pool with the print media…who resemble beached whales

13. Leaving the pool when the plethora of pale flesh begins to hurt my eyes

14. Watching 80% of the players ask our production assistant Danielle for her digits (she always said no).

15 Waiting for Ed Orgeron’s eyes to actually pop out of his head

16. Trying to imitate the voice of N.C. State head coach Chuck Amato…in front of him

17. Attempting to ask a “positive question” to Syracuse head coach Greg Robinson

18. Eating the left-over portion of George O’Leary’s steak (he gave it to me I swear!)

19. Louisville head coach Bobby Petrino’s story of his tenure as a milk man

20. Watching on-air talent for other networks apply their own makeup in the men’s room

21. Seeing the SID’s collectively decide who pumped out the best media guide

22. Discovering that some SEC football fans plan vacations around media day

23. Phillip Fulmer (Tennessee) in the state of Alabama…priceless

24. Tyler Palko’s (Pitt QB) hair…I’m jealous

25. Kyle Wright (Miami QB) admitting to me he looks like a cross of Justin Timberlake and Eminem (HE DOES!)

26. The Big East Conference’s clam bake. I don’t know who ate more, the media or the mosquitos

27. Watching players do all they can to avoid walking down “radio row.”

28. Noticing that “radio row” leads to the only bathroom on the floor

29. All you can eat shrimp in Jacksonville (thank you ACC!!!)

30. All you can eat cole slaw in Birmingham (thank you SEC…I think)

31. Discovering that most college football players love Paula Abdul

32. Tommy Bowden’s (Clemson) attempt to save his piece of candy by resting it on his shoe during our interview

33. Watching a teenager run off with a 20 pack of Natty Light while I was asking for directions in a Jacksonville gas station

34. Lou Holtz disturbing our CSTV meeting in Dallas for the CUSA media day so he could have a Diet Coke

35. The mother that asked me to take her 2-year-old daughter up the escalator and into the interview room so she could meet Mike Shula (Mind you, I’m a complete stranger to the mother)

36. Buster Davis (Florida State) describing his ideal woman during our interview (I didn’t ask)

37. The countless CUSA players that asked Jonothan Coachman if he was a WWE wrestler

38. Al Groh (Virginia) opening up to his deep passion for the Rolling Stones

39. Bobby Bowden’s universal nicknames for everyone…”Buddy” and “Gally”

40. John Talley (Duke CB) telling me he doesn’t talk much…just before I interview him

41. Mark Richt’s (Georgia) story of how he fell asleep every night looking at a Joe Namath poster on his ceiling (not now, when he was a child…don’t worry)

42. John Bunting (UNC) singing his school fight song…he was so into it his face turned blood red

43. The moment Steve Spurrier corrected me and said, “No, I’m not a good recruiter…average at best.”

44. Bobby Bowden denying rumors that he falls asleep at home with an empty bowl of ice cream and the remote control resting on his belly (my source? Tommy Bowden)

45. Finding out the best nickname on the Auburn football team belongs to an anonymous lineman called “Doo-Doo” (reportedly because he had an accident one day at practice)

46. Watching the beads of sweat drip off the forehead, chin, cheek, eye-brows and nose of Brian Stamper (Vandy RT)

47. The look of “why are we here?” from Duke, Vandy, UConn and Kentucky

48. The moment when members of the media realize “Hospitality” doesn’t last till 4am at the hotel bar

49. The reminder – that for the most part – coaches can’t stand the media (Except for Bobby Bowden)

50. Buster Davis (Florida State LB) telling me over and over again that I have “IT”…and I should pursue a real career in television.

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