Eating Scarlet Crow

By Amsinger - November 09, 2006

Ladies and gentleman, we witnessed history. Am I upset my pick of Louisville winning by 18 stunk?


Instead, I'm SO HAPPY the Scarlet Knights are about to DESTROY the BCS. If Rutgers runs the table and finishes the regular season 12-0, they should play the winner of Ohio St/Michigan for the BCS National Championship.

It won't happen and that's good too!

Football fans nationwide fell in love with Rutgers' story tonight. This is a COMPLETELY different story in comparison to Auburn a few years back. When the Tigers went undefeated and were screwed by not playing for a title, they sat back-seat to two other undefeated teams (USC and Oklahoma). Utah also finished 2004 without a loss, but the Utes DO NOT belong to a BCS conference and did not play a strong schedule whatsoever.

This Rutgers team will be the only OTHER undefeated team in the top ten mix.

This Rutgers team DOES belong to a BCS conference.

This Rutgers team will have beaten TWO top ten teams (Louisville and possibly West Virginia).

Yet, this Rutgers team will watch either Ohio State or Michigan play either Florida or Texas in the BCS National Championship game.


Who giggled with joy when George Mason advanced to the men's basketball Final Four in early April? ALL OF US! Rutgers is college football's George Mason - but won't be allowed to play for the title like the Patriots.

Thankfully, the PRESEASON POLL held the Scarlet Knights back because idiot "experts" like me and everyone else who talk about this sport for a living didn't "deem" the Knights "worthy."

I say "thankfully" because Rutgers could help do away with the IDIOTIC Preseason Poll and the IDIOTIC BCS Standings.

So thank you Rutgers...thank you for making the Preseason Poll, BCS, critics everywhere and ME eat crow.

A playoff is coming and when it does send Greg Schiano a thank-you note.

Unless, the Scarlet Knights lose to West Virginia - WAIT!!! I drank the Kool-Aid, that won't happen.

Posted by Amsinger at 11:37 PM on November 09, 2006

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