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By Amsinger - February 28, 2007

Fans need to follow BOTH the men's and women's NCAA Tournaments.

The stars are endless, the coaching is equal in quality and let's admit it, CINDERELLA wasn't a guy. So when watching the men play this March, keep in mind our society is equal! And so is the excitement level for both tournaments.

If there's one thing I've learned over the past 4 years at CSTV, it's both "sports" (men's and women's basketball) have strong, loyal fan bases. But for the most part, they're seperate. Why does it have to be that way? Since I give the same amount of love to both genres, allow me to teach those hardcore fans WHO'S WHO?

I'm going to run through five men's players who are the "male version" of five women's players. Then, I'll show you five women who are "female versions" of five men.

It sounds redundant huh? Trust me, it will make sense.

Let's start at the top (in my opinion of course):

CANDACE PARKER is the female version of.....???

Kevin Durant, 6'9 Fr. Texas: Without a doubt, the two best players in college basketball. Parker is almost three years removed from high school while Durant is just a true frosh, but both have the highest basketball IQ's on the college level.

Parker's ability to dunk equals Kevin Durant's ability to shoot 40% from beyond the arc and handle the rock at 6'9. They're both without question the most talented players in America and their stats are very comparable.

Candace Parker: 20.6 pts, 9.8 rebs, 40% 3-pt shooting, 78 blocks, 56 steals and 67 assists
Kevin Durant: 24.7 pts, 11.4 rebs, 40% 3-pt shooting, 50 blocks, 49 steals and 41 assists

GREG ODEN is the male version of....???

Sylvia Fowles, 6'6 Jr. LSU: Both are the most physically intimidating players in the nation. Fowles could have the same impact on the women's game as Greg will have on the men's side throughout the rest of his career. Aside from their obvious height advantage, both are athletic centers, both have great touch around the rim and both will be the clear #1 pick in their respective pro drafts (unless Candace Parker doesn't come out this year).

Fowles is a gaurantee double-double with the ability to change the projectory of any shot in the paint. Her blocking ability isn't equal to Oden's, Alison Bales (Duke) is a better comparison in that area - but overall, Sylvia is much more equal to Greg Oden.

Greg Oden: 15.3 pts, 9.5 rebs, 60% from field, 62% FT shooting and 78 blocks
Sylvia Fowles: 17.4 pts, 12.7 rebs, 59% from field, 62% FT shooting and 52 blocks

IVORY LATTA is the female version of....???

Acie Law, 6'3 Sr. Texas A&M: Both are seniors, both are great scoring point guards and both are the emotional leaders of their teams. Law brings the leadership to the Aggies, while Latta is the heart and soul of the Tar Heels. Without them, their teams lose insane amounts of passion. I'll take it a step further. Without Law and Latta, Carolina doesn't get a #1 seed in the NCAA's (which they'll get) and A&M won't be in the conversation for a #1 seed (which they probably won't get).

The only difference between the two is their current momentum. Law is at the top of this game right now while Latta seems to be slipping a bit this season. Granted, Latta had to bounce back from a knee injury - her "pass-first" philosophy takes a back seat to her desire to shoot the big shot at times.

Ivory Latta: 16.2 pts, 4.6 assists/game, 2.2 rebounds/game, 40% 3-PT shooting and 52 steals
Acie Law: 17.6 pts, 5.4 assists/game, 3 rebounds/game, 46% 3-PT shooting and 36 steals

AARON GRAY is the male version of....???

Alison Bales, 6'7 Sr. Duke: Both are large, both can pass out of the block, both alter offenses with their defensive abilities and both rebound like no other. Bales is considered one of the greatest swatters in women's basketball history...Gray not so much. Neither player gets up and down the floor well, but their half-court skills force both Pitt and Duke to slow things down to make sure they get involved offensively.

Their team success is very different. No team is hotter than Duke in women's OR men's basketball. To run the table in a brutal conference like the ACC is an incredible story. Bales is a big reason for the success, but she's not the star. Where as Gray evolved into Pitt's "go-to-player", Bales has grown accustomed to sitting back and letting players like Monique Currie and Lindsey Harding steal the limelight.

Aaron Gray: 14.2 pts, 10 rebounds, 58% from the floor, 53% FT shooting and 46 blocks
Alison Bales: 11.6 pts, 8 rebounds, 47% from the floor, 73% FT shooting and 131 blocks

LINDSEY HARDING is the female version of....???

Alando Tucker, 6'6 Sr. Wisconsin: This one is hard to understand - I know. While Lindsey is more of a point guard, Tucker plays in a swing offense at Wisconsin where the half-court set really runs through him...like a point guard, but he shoots. Both players will be "runner-up" for national player of the year, behind Parker and Durant. Both are the leading scorers on teams vying for a #1 seed in the NCAA Tournament (Duke will get one, not Wisconsin).

If there is a difference between the two, aside from their court position, it's the evolution of their careers. Tucker carried the load for three years offensively for the Badgers (he also averaged 12 pts as a freshman) while Harding emerged as the primary scorer for Duke just this season.

Plus, there happens to be more top-notch point guards in women's hoops this year than in the men's game. Therefore, it's hard for me to find another dynamic point guard to compare to Lindsey. Alando does her justice.

Lindsey Harding: 14.4 pts, 4.2 rebs, 3.8 assists, 39% 3-pt shooting and 42 steals
Alando Tucker: 19.9 pts, 5.4 rebs, 32% 3-pt shooting and 28 steals

TYLER HANSBROUGH is the male version of....???

Jessica Davenport, 6'5 Sr. Ohio St.: Hansbrough is all hustle. Davenport is all size and skill. They're both cornerstone players to their respective programs. Overall production is what I'm comparing, style of play couldn't be more different. Davenport is a lefty wile Hansbrough is a righty. Tyler runs the floor like a guard while Jessica forces the Buckeyes to slow down and play a half-court game.

Also, Hansbrough plays on a DEEP roster. UNC averages over 87 points per game as a team. While Ohio State's roster isn't eleven-deep like Carolina.

Still, check out the centers' stats and you tell me if they're not a good comparison.

Tyler Hansbrough: 18.7 pts, 7.6 rebs, 53% from the floor, 76% FT shooting and 13 blocks
Jessica Davenport: 19.4 pts, 9.7 rebs, 61% from the floor, 80% FT shooting and 85 blocks

LYNDSEY MEDDERS is the female version of....???

A.J. Graves, 6'1 Jr. Butler: I think this is a perfect fit. Medders is an unknown superstar in the women's ranks and is leading Iowa State to the NCAA Tournament. Graves and the Bulldogs may be the biggest surprise in college basketball this season. Sure, Butler fell on hard times towards the end of the season losing three of its' last six games - but the mere fact we're talking about this team is a story in itself.

Graves is more of a "shoot-first" guard, while Medders is the best passing point guard in women's hoops since Diana Taurasi. Statistically, she's better. Medders led the nation in the category last year and is 7th in the nation this season.

Still, the short Graves and Medders are leading dark-horse teams through - what should be - a grueling post-season stretch.

Lyndsey Medders: 12.2 pts, 3.9 rebs, 6.5 assists, 31% 3-pt shooting and 28 steals
A.J. Graves: 17.3 pts, 2.3 rebs, 2.3 assists, 36% 3-pt shooting and 42 steals

NICK FAZEKAS is the male version of....???

Angel McCoughtry, 6'1 So. Louisville: The breakout star of the women's game is a perfect comparison to Nevada's big man. She plays so much larger than her frame and attacks the basket with the same intesity as Fazekas. Keep in mind, Nick isn't as athletic as Angel. For example, McCoughtry is determined to dunk before her college career is complete. Fazekas stands 6'11 and hasn't thrown down an impressive slam in quite some time.

What Nick loses in athletic ability, he makes up in his incredible shooting ability. Angel is good, just not as good as Fazekas.

Nick Fazekas: 20.9 pts, 11.4 rebs, 58% from 2's, 47% from 3's, 39 blocks and 19 steals
Angel McCoughtry: 22.1 pts, 10.9 rebs, 49% from 2's, 33% from 3's, 44 blocks and 102 steals

CANDICE WIGGINS is the female version of....???

Arron Afflalo, 6'5 Jr. UCLA: Both reside on the west coast and both are great jump shooters despite their ability to attack the rim in transition. These two juniors are clear "go-to" players for their respective squads and have the ability to dominate any game during stretches. Afflalo could improve his rebounding stats, because Wiggins is much more balanced overall. Both shooting guards are future pros and I expect the two of them to have breakout postseasons.

Of all the comparisons, this is my best.

Candice Wiggins: 16.3 pts, 4.3 rebs, 42% from 3's, 76% FT shooting, 84 assists and 37 steals
Arron Afflalo: 17.5 pts, 2.5 rebs, 39% from 3's, 79% FT shooting, 58 assists and 18 steals

GLEN DAVIS is the male version of....???

Courtney Paris, 6'4 So. Oklahoma: Eh...not really. I love Big Baby, but he's no Courtney. The only equal to Paris is Shaq.

Sorry Glen, don't take it personal.

Glen Davis: 18.1 pts, 10.5 rebs, 48% from the floor, 70% FT shooting and 28 blocks
Courtney Paris: 23.8 pts, 15.9 rebs, 58% from the floor, 55% FT shooting and 90 blocks

Like I said, there is no good comparison.

Posted by Amsinger at 03:34 PM on February 28, 2007

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