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Tuesday, 09/25/07

Round #2 of Week #5

This is the pressure-filled half of my blog. CUSA, Independents, Mountain West, Pac-Ten, SEC, Sun Belt and WAC are loaded with difficult games. I've done a good job picking these conferences so far this season, but week five will be the ultimate test.

Reminder, if you're favorite team belongs to the ACC, Big 12, Big East, Big Ten or MAC - you have to check out yesterdays blog

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Monday, 09/24/07

43-17, Runnin' Out of "O.P." Power

I personally hold "Off Prompter" to a high standard. You do as well. So 17 incorrect predictions simply isn't good enough. Sure, I had two fewer miscues than last week - but there was also six more games in week three. I've been consistent over the past two weeks and if you know me - I HATE CONSISTENCY!

First off, I need to apologize to the teams that made me look like an idiot last week.

#1. Auburn. Sorry Tommy, had you guys losing to New Mexico State. Auburn was only up one at the half, but they eventually blew out the Aggies, 55-20. My bad.

#2. Miami (FL). Randy Shannon has every right to make fun of me after picking the 'Canes to lose to another group of Aggies. I gotta stay away from picking Aggies I guess.

#3. BYU. The Mountain West is brutal to predict this season and the Cougars made me look silly by smoking Air Force 31-6.

#4. UNLV. I had no idea Utah was this mental. For some reason I thought the Utes would continue their momentum from week three when they blew out UCLA. Boy was I wrong.

#5. Louisville. You guys made me look like an idiot because I said you would win!

As for the games I pegged:

#1. UConn over Pitt. I was all alone on this pick. Many expected Pitt to smash the Huskies after being competitive on the road against a good Michigan State team one week prior. Instead, my "Big East Preseason Sleeper" continues to make me look like a genius.

#2. Toledo over Iowa State. Hahahahahaha! This one point win made me smile! Toledo was WINLESS and ISU was fresh off an upset victory over IOWA!!!! - I was the only sucker smart enough to call this.

#3. Kentucky over Arkansas. I don't care if Kentucky was ranked - this was still an upset! Also, from this point forward, no matter if Kentucky is ranked higher than its opponent - I will always brag about the 'Cats winning because I was the ONLY human being on the planet that said Kentucky would win the SEC in the Preseason!

#4. Michigan over Penn State. This game played out exactly how I predicted. Mike Hart took over the offense and the Wolverines made me look bright.

#5. UCLA over Washington. When EVERYONE was writing off the Bruins following a horrible game against Utah, I stuck with Cally Kids against a program many believe to be on the up-and-up.

Okay, enough about last week. Let's get begin to thrive in week FIVE!!!!!

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Monday, 09/17/07

47-19, "O.P" Comes Back To Reality

47-19. Okay, so I'm not perfect...this we know. Upset Saturday destroyed my week three predictions, because - well...they weren't the upsets I predicted (I hate when that happens!).

Someone explain what would happen to me if I predicted Oklahoma State to lose to TROY, or Navy to drop a home game to BALL STATE - or even better, TCU losing to AIR FORCE!!!!

The Football Gods were out to get me after going 54-8 in week two and bragging about it.

I did get a few tough calls, like KENTUCKY over Louisville, Arkansas St. beating SMU and Southern Miss getting a road win at ECU. Still, it was a bad week for a picking power like me and I plan on rebounding nicely.

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Monday, 09/17/07

Round 2 Of Week #4...Yes, It Gets Better!

Many of you are taking to my blog. I'm glad you've become addicted. Aside from the millions I make for writing, "Off Prompter," hearing from my loyal fans is truly what makes this so worth while. Therefore, I'm ready to unveil my latest round of picks for week four in college football.

Are you ready for some UPSET SPECIALS???

Mee too!

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Tuesday, 09/11/07

Round 2 of Week 3

Okay, so I just learned how to put pictures on my blog and I enjoy blogging more than ever!!! I hope you are enjoying my picks from the ACC, Big 12, Big East, Big Ten and MAC. Of course you want more and I'm here to bring it in this sizzling, hot edition of OFF PROMPTER!!!!

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Monday, 09/10/07

The King is Back!

It's hard to admit this, so I'll do it for you - OFF PROMPTER is the only place to go for picks.

Any questions?

Didn't think so.

Before I move on to week three I want to reiterate how amazing last week was for me. First off, I was HAMMERED during local radio interviews for picking USF to beat Auburn on the road. In my opinion, Auburn should be proud it was so close! USF is a much better team. So was WASHINGTON when it beat Boise State, or Oregon when it gave Michigan two home losses to open the season. My most proud pick? Southern Illinois (1AA) over Northern Illinois in DeKalb, Ill.!!!! Picking a 1AA program over a 1A takes guts...and intelligence.

I'm done patting myself on the back.

I did miss 8 games and I should apologize to a few teams (like I do every week). First apology? PITT. I called for 1AA Grambling State to beat Pittsburgh at home!!!! The Panthers blew out GSU...sorry guys. Second biggest miss? Picking Cincinnati to lose at home to Oregon State. Brian Kelly is Big East Coach of the Year after the first two weeks (Yes, even beating out USF's Jim Leavitt). My final apology goes to HC Turner Gill and Buffalo. I know the Bulls are bad, but I picked them to lose on the road to TEMPLE!!!! They won 42-7...bad call.

Now - week #3!!!!!!!

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Sunday, 09/09/07

Greatest Week Ever!

Ladies and Gents, I am currently celebrating a remarkable 54-8 record for week two! "Off Prompter" brought you endless upset specials when other pundants stayed clear from sticking their necks on the line.

Go ahead and look back at my previous two blogs covering week two, I picked USF over Auburn, Washington over Boise State, Oregon over Michigan, SOUTHERN ILLINOIS over Northern Illinois, Air Force over Utah and ECU over North Carolina.

I'm licking my chops for week three and more unthinkable upsets are on the horizon.

So allow me to celebrate my ridiculous 54-8 picking record and I'll blog with you Tuesday on "Off Prompter!"

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Tuesday, 09/04/07

Round 2 of Week 2

I'm feeling spiffy after my first half of picks for the second week of college football. USF over Auburn, ECU over UNC, Grambling St. over Pitt, Oregon over Michigan and Southern Illinois over Northern Illinois has me excited for an upset prone weekend.

For those predictions, along with others from the ACC, Big 12, Big East, Big Ten and MAC - check out my previous blog.

If your game of interest belongs in CUSA, Independents, Mountain West, Pac-Ten, SEC, Sun Belt and WAC - you're about to get hooked up on OFF PROMPTER!!!!!

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Monday, 09/03/07

Mid Major Headache...on to Week 2

53-17? 53-17? 53-17? I thought I was primed and ready for my first single-digit loss column after going 61-12 in week one last year. But NOOOOO...Appalachain State had to pull off the biggest upset of all time, first year coaches like Gene Chizik (Iowa St.), Tim Brewster (Minnesota), Tom O'Brien (N.C. State), David Bailiff (Rice) and Stan Brock (Army) let me down while I was just plain idiotic picking against teams like Kansas (52-7 winners), Purdue (52-24 winners) and BYU (20-7 winners).

I must improve, do so I will stop forecasting so many upsets and stick with the BCS Conference powers when they face mid-majors. Conferences like the MAC (6-6), CUSA (6-5) and the Mountain West (4-4) really destroyed my record.

More focus must be paid to those three leagues in order to salvage the momentum I created from year one.

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