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Tuesday, 10/30/07

Too Many Shows, Round #2 of Week #10 on Thurs.

The first half of my picks for week #10, are done. I hope you're currently enjoying them. Mr. Off Prompter (me) is loaded with hosting duties at CSTV this week. Basketball is upon us and the extra show I'm hosting this week (Crystal Ball, the Women's Basketball Preview) will postpone my other half of picks for week #10 until Thursday.

Don't hate...just relate.

We'll go "Off Prompter" on Thursday - see ya'!

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Monday, 10/29/07

34-19...At Least I Didn't Lose 20, Here's Week #10!

Here we go again. I had four fewer losses than week #8 and I'm still fuming. My upsets specials are making me especially upset. My "locks" are making me look like a bLOCK-head. Frequent readers of this blog are picking whoever I DON'T pick - because I'm struggling. It's been a crazy year of college football, just another outcome I couldn't predict.

Now that I'm done whiping my tears, let's look back at my hits and misses from week #9.


Washington St. over UCLA: After the Bruins beat Cal, many believed Karl Dorrell's bunch was on to something. I knew the Bruins were on to another loss.

Oregon over USC: Many believed Oregon would lose to the Trojans top-notch defense. WRONG!

Ohio State over Penn State: I said the Buckeyes would win handily and they did. Who cares if PSU has over 100,000 white shirts in the stands.

New Mexico over Air Force: After winning three in a row, the Falcons were the hot pick - I saw right through the Air Force fog and realized RB Rodney Ferguson would be the difference maker...and he was.

Tennessee over South Carolina: Mark it down...the biggest win in Phil Fulmer's career at Tennessee. YES, bigger than winning the national championship. If he lost to Spurrier Saturday night, he would lose his job at the end of the year because he would be out of the SEC East race. With the win, Tennessee is in the driver's seat and has a favorable schedule to win out. Huge upset win - that I predicted.


Va Tech over Boston College: I'm still not a believer in this BC for BCS BS. As for this game, I was wrong.

Fresno State over Boise State: Who knew the Bulldogs defense was THAT slow?

Indiana over Wisconsin: The final was 33-3...whoops.

Texas A&M over Kansas: Dare I say the Jayhawks are actually...good?

Kentucky to win the SEC: Thank you Mississippi State, thanks a lot!

Enough with last week! Here's week #10 on "OFF PROMPTER!!!"

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Tuesday, 10/23/07

Round #2 of Week #9: October Magic!

In my previous post I picked the ACC, Big 12, Big East, Big Ten and MAC conferences. If you notice my record within those respective leagues last week - I know what I'm talking about. BUT...my upcoming post - which you're reading at the moment, is where I'm having a bit of a problem. The CUSA, Independents (where I dominate), Mountain West, Pac-Ten, SEC, Sun Belt and WAC (good here too) are the conferences I seem to have an issue prognosticating. Can't put my finger on the reason why, so I'll just put my finger on the keyboard an punch out another week of picks in the second half of week #9 on "OFF PROMPTER!!!!!"

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Monday, 10/22/07

33-23, They Haven't Fired Me Yet! Here's Week #9

Just when progress was being made, I collapse in week #8. My wife is laughing in my face, my daughter is favoring Dora's knowledge of college football over my own. It's getting bad. I NEED a big week of picking perfection. Everyone, unite, hold hands, close your eyes, go to a happy place with me and guide your prognosticating pal into a football euphoria he hasn't experienced yet.

Whoa, that's deep.

Here's week #9 on "OFF PROMPTER!"

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Monday, 10/15/07

Week #8, The Other Half

I'm semi-nervous heading into week #8. The SEC schedule is brutal this week. The Mountian West is always torture for me to forecast. The Pac-Ten is about as unpredictable as any league lately - especially with OREGON STATE nipping California!!!

Bottom line is I must focus. My confidence is down, I'm trying keep my spirits up but it's hard to do when I'm screwing up picks like Missouri over Oklahoma, North Carolina over South Carolina or Wisconsin over Penn State.

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Monday, 10/15/07

37-18, Not There Yet. Here's Week #8

So I trimmed a few losses off my record from last week (which was a horrendous 31-25!!!) and improved vastly in a few picking departments, such as:

1. Stick with my gut. I said Kentucky would win the SEC in the preseason and despite my need for picking victories I stuck with the Wildcats and look what happened!

2. Don't be fooled by one great win. When Stanford beat USC last week, folks were playing paper, rock, scissors to get on the Cardinal bandwagon...especially against a lethargic TCU team. But I knew the Horned Frogs were a better team and stuck with TCU on the road. Smart move.

3. Home field is an advantage. UCF on the road vs. USF was a tough call for "some." I knew the Bulls wouldn't let that slip away at home. Texas Tech at home vs. A&M was a toss-up game in many opinions. Except for mine. I knew the Red Raiders would devour the Aggies and they did.

I did goof more than a few picks and for that I must apologize to the following programs:

Wake Forest. Last week marked the fifth time I've picked AGAINST the Demon Deacons this season. If you did the math, you're right. I've picked Wake Forest to win just ONCE this year! Sorry Jim Grobe, keep proving me wrong.

South Carolina. I have picked against the Gamecocks four times this season. I was right just once (vs. LSU). Steve Spurrier is doing the most he can with what he has...and I'm skeptical on how far this team can go.

Auburn. Picking the Tigers to win this year is a tough thing for me to do. I've picked against Auburn 5 times (they've only played 7 games). The offense is terrilble, but somehow Tommy Tuberville keeps scraping by and when looking at the Tigers schedule...they could win 8 games this season.

Virginia: For the 4th time this season I picked against the Cavs. There's something about Al Groh's team that has me sitting here saying, "It's gonna happen any second now...Virginia is going to fall apart!" But now, it looks as if that may not happen. Virginia could win 9 games! They won't. Expect Virginia to lost 4 of it's last 5 to end the season.

Enough with the apologizes and pats on the back, it's time to get crackin' on the week #8 edition of OFF PROMPTER!!!

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Tuesday, 10/09/07

Still Here...Round #2 of Week #7

Depression is starting to set in. 31-25 is haunting me. My first half of picks for week seven made me smile, so there's a start in the recovery process.

Once again, for those of you who are repeatedly confused by how I operate on this blog - my predictions for the ACC, Big 12, Big East, Big Ten and MAC are on my PREVIOUS POSTING!!!!!!

This blog entry is dedicated to the CUSA, Independents, Mountain West, Pac-Ten, SEC, Sun Belt and WAC.

If you are reading this - THANK YOU for not giving up on your favorite prognosticator. I'm trying to regroup and I'm confident these picks will make you proud all over again.

So before reading my second half of week seven, take a deep breath...close your eyes and think happy thoughts for OFF PROMPTER!!!!!!

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Monday, 10/08/07

31-25...MAKE FUN OF ME. Here's Week #7

31-25? 31-25?

Will I get fired for picking that poorly? My wife sure hopes not. What an absolute disaster for my overall picking record. Week #6 goes down in history as the worst week EVER!!!! I've had a few bad weeks picking division one football games, but nothing like this. My parents won't even talk to me.

After screaming and cursing at me over the phone for my horrible predictions, my Grandmother told me to get back to the basics. Essentially, she said until my record improves, I shouldn't waste folks time with "why" I think a team is going to win. I'm not good enough for that yet.

Gotta listen to Grandma.

So, my week #7 picks will be much shorter. I'll give you the score and a funny related pic of each division one football game. But until my picking prowess improves, no analysis...I don't deserve it.

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Tuesday, 10/02/07

Round #2 of Week #6

In case you don't know by now, this blog will consist of week six picks from the CUSA, Independents, Mountain West, Pac-Ten, SEC, Sun Belt and WAC. So far this season, I'm way ahead of last year's pace picking these conferences so I am getting better.

Reminder, if you're favorite team belongs to the ACC, Big 12, Big East, Big Ten or MAC - you have to check out yesterdays blog

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Monday, 10/01/07

44-15, I Survived the Upset Storm! Here's Week #6!

College football passed out this weekend. It woke up and didn't know its name. During this goofy state of incoherence, teams like Colorado, Auburn, South Florida, Kansas State, Illinois and Indiana took advantage.

Half of those upsets were correctly predicted on "Off Prompter" including Kansas State over Texas, Illinois over Penn State and Indiana over Iowa.

All in all, I survived a crazy week of college football. My record picking all Championship Bowl Subdivision games for week #5 was 44-15. An improvement from last week! Great news, but there's more work to be done.

I must apologize to the following:

Colorado: Wait, there wasn't a soul who thought the Buffs would beat Oklahoma! I take back my apology.

Auburn: I said Florida was going to blow out the Tigers. For that, Tommy Tuberville, PLEASE accept my apology.

South Florida: I said it would be a nail-biter and it was. I've given more props to USF than any other blogger, so there isn't too much room for gripe out of Tampa.

Boise State: Picking against the Broncos on their Smurf Turf was a bad move. It won't happen again.

UCLA: The Bruins are so tough to pick. Oregon State is even more difficult, the Beavers let me down.

Oklahoma State: It's obvious...I'M NOT A MAN! I'M ONLY 28!!!! Sam Houston State didn't come close to beating the Cowmen.

As for other games I nailed on "Off Prompter:"

Cal over Oregon: This game played out exactly how I expected. We may see the two leading candidates for the Michigan job face off for a national championship this year (Les Miles vs. Jeff Tedford).

Wisconsin over Michigan State: When so many were jumping off the Madison bandwagon, "Off Prompter" was still front and center saying the Badgers would get it done and they did.

Kent State over Ohio: This was a home game for the Bobcats and they were favored to win. So taking KSU was a stretch, but it worked out as planned.

Navy over Air Force: Despite the Falcons loss to BYU the week prior, many thought The Force would make a statement in Annapolis. Despite Air Force being more impressive this early season, "Off Prompter" stuck with Navy and HC Paul Johnson made me look brilliant.

Enough with week #5, on to week #6 on OFF PROMPTER!!!!!!

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