39-16, "O.P." Got Its Groove Back! Week #11 Now

By Amsinger - November 05, 2007

Week #10 was as unpredictable as any this season. Still, "Off Prompter" is catching on to college football's crazy ways. 39-16 is a FANTASTIC picking record for a week featuring so many close matchups this late in the season. The momentum is building and I'm starting to think my performance through the upcoming stretch run will be the stuff legends are made of.

Before I gloat anymore than I already have, let's look back at my hits and misses from week #10:


Arizona over UCLA: The Bruins are falling apart. Sure they beat Cal, but that's not as cool as we thought a month ago. Adios Karl Dorrell.

North Carolina over Maryland: So many Terp fans thought they had a legit team a few weeks ago when Maryland was 4-2. Now, they've lost three in a row and could lose out to end the season. Hot seat for the Fridge (Ralph Friedgen)???

Arkansas over South Carolina: Darren McFadden is awesome. If I ever pick the Razorbacks to win a game it's because of my previous sentence. Remember than Houston Nutt.

Iowa over Northwestern: The Hawkeyes are terrible on the road this season, just 1-4 coming into Evanston. With star running back Tyrell Sutton playing at home for the first time since September 8th (injury), the Wildcats were a hot pick. "Off Prompter" stuck with HC Kirk Ferentz, who earned his annual $4 million salary in this one.

Saying Troy vs. Georgia would be close: I predicted Georgia to win the game, by four. Troy was down by seven in the fourth quarter and scored 34 points in the game! All in all, the Trojans lost by ten but HC Mark Richt walked away with a scare at home. Good call "O.P.!"


Georgia Tech over Virginia Tech: Wasn't even close. Thought playing at home on a Thursday night would give the Jackets the edge...didn't happen.

Colorado over Missouri: Wow! My home-state team is making me look like an idiot! Well done Chase Daniel, well done.

Oklahoma State over Texas: Jamaal Charles bailed out Mack Brown again. Still proud of this incorrect pick.

Alabama over LSU: Who thought the Crimson Tide would give the game away in the 4th quarter? Great game nonetheless.

Rutgers over UConn: WOW. Randy Edsall is the National Coach of the Year folks.

Enough with last week! Let's get crankin' on week #11 - with OFF PROMPTER!!!!

In case you're counting, here's a statistical breakdown of how I'm picking so far this season:

Week #1: 53-17
Week #2: 54-8
Week #3: 47-19
Week #4: 43-17
Week #5: 44-15
Week #6: 31-25 (gross)
Week #7: 37-18
Week #8: 33-23 (disgusting)
Week #9: 34-19 (blah)
Week #10: 39-16 (niiiiiiice!)

Overall Record for 2007-08 season: 415-177.
My weekly average is 41-17.

Like I do each and every week, I predict all Division 1A games (otherwise known as the College Football Bowl Subdivision). This blog will carry scores from the ACC, Big 12, Big East, Big Ten and MAC. On Wednesday, you'll get your full of CUSA, Mountain West, Pac-Ten, SEC, Sun Belt and WAC.

ATLANTIC COAST CONFERENCE: 2-4 last week, 48-28 overall in this league.

North Carolina - 31
N.C. STATE - 43

NC State HC Tom O'Brien

"Four wins in a row! They love me now!" (cnn.net)

Wake Forest - 24

RB James Davis

"Come on! This jersey is brand new! Let go!!!" (bonnint.net)

Georgia Tech - 28
DUKE - 33

UPSET SPECIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HC Chan Gailey

Come on Ref! At least look at Chan when he's flipping out! (gatech.edu)

Florida St. - 20
VA TECH - 24

QB Sean Glennon

Can someone PLEASE get this kid a jersey with his name on it already? JEEZ!!! (washingtonpost.com)

Miami (FL) - 13

Virginia is gonna be 9-2!!!!

Who would ever pick against the Cavs? What? Not me! Stop pointing! (draftdaddy.com)

Maryland - 14

Doug Flutie on a Wheaties Box

This Eagles team came close to earning their own box. (.dougflutie2.com)

BIG 12 CONFERENCE: 3-3 last week, 57-24 overall in this league.

Kansas - 35
OKIE ST. - 38

UPSET SPECIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mad Mangino

You're gonna need more than one hand there, Ref. (lawrence.com)

Iowa State - 24

The Hail Mary Game vs. Michigan, '94

The Buffs' won't need a prayer to beat the Cyclones. (pub.umich.edu)

Texas A&M - 13

Future "Former" HC Dennis Franchione

"Are the rumors true? That may be the dumbest question ever. OF COURSE!" (collegepublisher.com)

Nebraska - 28

Future "Former" HC Bill Callahan

"Allright! I'm back in the NFL! Oh wait, this is just a dream...darn." (sportshollywood.com)

Texas Tech - 27
TEXAS - 35

RB Jamaal Charles

In the 4th quarter, there's only one person getting Texas' rose. (collegespublisher.com)

Baylor - 10

QB Sam Bradford

I agree Sam, the laces are VERY overrated. (crimsonandcreammachine.com)

BIG EAST CONFERENCE: 1-2 last week, 39-16 overall in this league.

Louisville - 31

Louisville's Defensive Meetings

All the circles represent where Pat White is dangerous...I know, it looks a bit overwhelming for such a young defense. (flickr.com)

Army - 13

Is Rutgers Choppin' Apart?

"Hahahahaha!!!! You picked us to beat UConn last week! Fool!" (usatoday.com)

Syracuse - 23

Future "Former" HC Greg Robinson

"I DON'T KNOW! WHY ARE YOU ASKING ME!!!" (collegepublisher.com)

Connecticut - 23

UPSET SPECIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HC Randy Edsall

Replacing Greg Robinson at Syracuse? (uconnmagazine.uconn.edu)

BIG TEN CONFERENCE: 4-2 last week, 56-20 overall in this league.

N'Western - 31

Youth Movement at IU

HC Bill Lynch is doing a great job of developing young talent. (heraldtimesonline.com)

PENN ST. - 47
Temple - 6

Fired up HC Joe Paterno

Joe, come down...it's Temple. (dawgsports.com)

Michigan - 28

UPSET SPECIAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HC Lloyd Carr

Great comeback Lloyd, but you're luck runs out in Madison. (wordpress.com)

Minnesota - 20
IOWA - 37

Former Minnesota RB Lawrence Maroney

Does Lawrence Maroney have any eligibility left? (nationalchamps.net)

Purdue - 38 (OT)

RB Javon Ringer

#23 FINALLY carries the rock 40 times in one game = MSU Victory. (psu.edu)

Illinois - 21
OHIO ST. - 24

Former Buckeye RB Maurice Clarett

Best OSU team since 2003? Better behaved that's for sure. (nationalchamps.net)

MAC CONFERENCE: 5-0 last week, 61-28 overall in this league.

E. Michigan - 17

CMU QB Dan LeFevour

Dan will stomp on his in-state rival. (nypost.com)

OHIO - 24
Akron - 20

Ohio HC Frank Solich While at Nebraska

Could Frankie be heading back to Lincoln? (husker.tripod.com)

Eastern Michigan - 21

HC Gregg Brandon

This guy is very underrated. (cleveland.com)

PENN ST. - 47
Temple - 6

Bill Cosby

Fans are coming out in droves to enjoy Temple football. (daylife.com)

KENT ST. - 24
N. Illinois - 9

Bad Game

If the game is weak, you get a Blossom pic. (retrojunk.com)

Posted by Amsinger at 02:01 PM on November 05, 2007

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