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By Amsinger - August 06, 2008

Ladies and Gents,

I'm back.

Boy did I miss cranking out random thoughts on college sports with "Off Prompter." This blog - in years past, has mostly harbored my weekly picks for college football. But since my loyal fan base seems to be going crazy without me, I'll begin posting other ideas to help quench your thirst.

Alow me to begin with my general picks. For some reason, I've overlooked picking my national and conference champions, Heisman winner, best at each position and so on. Since I love making picks, why not make the ultimate picks and look back with pride and glory?

So, let's get "Blog Season" going with the pick of all picks...the team that's going to win it all.


Oklahoma is so's not fair. (

Bob Stoops couldn't be in a better position. While all the attention is paid to Georgia in the preseason, OU is sitting here with the same amount of returning starters (17), a completely intact offensive line (which Georgia doesn't have), a better defense and a MUCH better schedule! (OU doesn't play Missouri in the regular season) Sam Bradford will be a redshirt sophomore and he's already considered one of the more decorated quarterbacks in college football. After leading the nation in passing efficiency, Sam is ready for a Heisman campaign!


The Heisman is heading to Sam's Club. (

Sam set an NCAA freshman record for TD passes, who's to say he won't be even better? With a loaded backfield (featuring fellow sophomore stud DeMarco Murray), a future second-round wideout in Juaquin Iglesias and freshman phenom in WR Jameel Owens - Bradford has more tools to work with than Tim Tebow had last year. Toss in a sparkling undefeated record heading into the BCS Championship game and it adds up...another sophomore will win the Heisman!

Posted by Amsinger at 10:17 AM on August 06, 2008

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