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By Elliot Olshansky - January 20, 2008

I have really weird dumb luck with seemingly random CCHA games and fights.

A year ago, during a January foray into CCHA country, I was in the building for a post-game altercation between Michigan State and Alaska.

Then, this past Friday, I was in Bowling Green to take on Western Michigan, and after a strong effort by the Falcons produced a 4-1 final score, this happened.

(click to view video)

Amazingly, it's not the ugliest thing I saw this weekend.

Of course, that's just because Ohio State decided to wear their third jerseys on Saturday against Michigan State.

Seriously, I saw replicas of those scarlet and grey striped sweaters being sold from souvenir stands at Value City Arena for $60. I spent the next few minutes trying to decide whether I could be paid $60 to wear one of those things. Of course, my dad grew up in Michigan, so there may be a bias there, but still. Not a shining moment in the history of hockey uniform design.

Much uglier things happened on the ice over the weekend, though. Boston College lost Brock Bradford for the season when he broke his left humerus - again. It's a tough blow for the Eagles, of course, but BC had already been finding its groove before Bradford came back. It'll be interesting to see how things develop for BC from here on out.

The other tough injury happened on the other side of the country, as Eric Ehn sustained a leg injury in the Falcons' loss to Colorado College. No offense to Ryan Duncan - in addition to being a hell of a player, he's one of the most respectful players I've ever met - but I really do think one hell of an opportunity was missed last year when Ehn didn't win the Hobey, and seeing his candidacy this year sustain such a major blow drives it home. Of course, to his credit, Ehn wasn't particularly upset, but I still would have loved to see him win.

That's it for now. Check back tomorrow for the Rink Rat Rankings, now 37 teams strong.

Posted by Elliot Olshansky at 11:04 PM on January 20, 2008

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