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Big 12: In the Family

SAN ANTONIO -- Head coach Dan Hawkins is determined to lead Colorado past last year's 2-8 finish, and the first thing on his to-do list is to pick a quarterback. Complicating his choice is the fact that of the top three candidates fighting for the job, one is his son.

"We're going to push from practice one to find a starting quarterback," Hawkins said. "I don't think we can afford to wait for first scrimmage. It needs to be a race."

Among junior college transfer Nick Nelson, Bernard Jackson and Cody Hawkins, the only player the second-year coach has had the opportunity to see over the summer is Cody, but the coach has avoided watching his son play in order to keep the competition even.

"I've said it 1,000 times and I know it sounds corny, but I coach all those guys like they're my own kids," Hawkins explained. "I'm not afraid to hug them, I'm not afraid to tell them I love ya. I feel very much with the rest of our team as I do with my own son and that being said, I'm not his position coach, I'm not the offensive coordinator, so while I am the head coach and I do have a say in what goes on, I'm not going to supersede the wants and beliefs of everybody on offense. If they all think it's going to be Nick, I'm not going to say it's Cody, and vice versa."

The biggest challenge to naming his son starting quarterback will be the same challenge he will face if Nelson is named the starter - inexperience.

"If it ends up being Nick or Cody there will be some moments where you will be slapping your forehead wondering what happened," Hawkins said. "Both of those guys have not had a ton of snaps at Colorado so the more work we can get them, the better off we're going to be."

Hawkins plans to name a starter as soon as a player singles himself out as the guy.

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