Run and Shoot: Big 12: It's Not Us, it's You

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Big 12: It's Not Us, it's You

SAN ANTONIO - Despite returning several key playmakers on both sides of the ball, defending Big 12 North champion Nebraska was chosen by the media to finish second in 2007. Players and coach choose different angles in their speculations as to why.

Head coach Bill Callahan maintains that he will not name a starting quarterback until the week before the season opener, and with Missouri relying on the prolific arm of junior Chase Daniel for a third straight year, Callahan can see why the media would leave his Huskers in the lurch.

"Since they have a starting quarterback that's established in their program and that's productive, I can see where that's coming from," Callahan said on the second place pre-season ranking. "There's a lot of different variables this year - hope springs eternal for everybody this time of year."

Husker wide receiver Terrence Nunn had a different take on the team's ranking. Quite simply, "The media's not always right."


Nunn is right, the media is NOT always right. However, until the Huskers get back to the OPTION, get the linemen conditioned (as they were in the 70's through 90's), NEBRASKA, under Callahans' leadership, will retain the Mid-20's rating yet another year.
Simply put, you can't win without taking risks.
Check this ONE EXAMPLE: Review the the USC game last year. He was happy "staying close" in the first half, carrying the same complacency into the 2nd half.
Question: When will we get the HUSKERS back?
Answer: When he recruits linemen, on both sides of the ball, and Callahan loses the ego.
A California Offense can work, but he's so focused on forcing the issue, he fails to recognize his "options".
I'll predict that Missouri will cough up the lead by getting popped by a mediocre team.
UNL: will earn the B-12 North, but gets embarassed once again in the Big-12 Conference game.
Bowl Game meets the same destiny AND, the FANS get stirred. Callahan will get one more year at the helm.


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