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Big 12: Mike-d Up

SAN ANTONIO -- Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach was by far the most candid coach to take the stage thus far at Big 12 media days, and his humor lightened the mood as day two draws to a close. Here are some of his best sound bytes from his 30-minute interview session.

"I feel really good about this group. As far as I think when you can tell a lot about your team is in the off season, and they don't let you have too much contact with them. You're not allowed to have a lot of meetings or coach them. Yet you're still ridiculously in charge of their behavior."

"It's like Mark Twain said, 'the rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated,' as he appeared alive at that deal. I think our receivers are alive and kicking despite popular belief, too."

On younger players taking the field: "The fact that a guy sitting on his couch eating a sandwich isn't familiar with our defensive player or our receiver, I don't think has a great deal to do with what he's going to end up doing."

On the state of the new offensive line: "I don't have too many receivers that I wouldn't swap for a great O-lineman. [To kicker Alex Trlica sitting in the balcony:] Trlica, see if there are some linemen out there that we can swap some of our receivers for."

"That's why they have football to begin with is because of linemen. Everybody would be involved in soccer or basketball if it weren't for linemen."

On last season's 115th-ranked kick return unit: "Our kick return last year was a disaster. We had the worst kick return in America last year. I realize that we may have been ahead of one or two teams, but how many teams are there in the NCAA? 119? Well I am here to tell you that we were worse than those four teams that we stood out ahead of. Quite honestly, the guys that coached that team last year did a horrible job. I think they did the 119th best job in America."

On Tech being picked to finish 5th in the Big 12 South: "I've been picked worse than that in some other stuff. At least that's better than we did on kickoff returns."

On how defenses cannot seem to contain his offense, which is always a threat to lead the nation in passing: "I'm not above fooling them. I like fooling them, and then once you fool them you laugh about it, and then you run the film back a couple of times and you put the pointer on one of their guys and say, 'hey look, this guy's looking over here,' and then all your players laugh and it's great fun."

On how his law degree has helped him in football: "There are some ways that I'm proud to tell you about and some that I'm not so proud to tell you ... it's maybe helped me stay out of trouble with you guys."

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