Run and Shoot: Game Over?

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Game Over?

PISCATAWAY, N.J. - We've got 1:24 remaining in the first quarter and it's now 21-0 Rutgers after Mike Teel connected with Tiquan Underwood for a 65 yard touchdown reception that had to have demoralized the Buffalo defense.

After Underwood caught the pass he proceeded to speed his way down the field, only to zig zag his way into the endzone the final 15 yards, falling across the goal line as he was finally caught from behind. It was the only time Underwood was touched on the play and yet again highlighted the talent differential between the two teams. Buffalo is not in Rutgers class - not even close. And the margin only figures to increase.

After Underwood fell into the endzone, Rutgers Stadium errupted. Flashes went off, arms were raised and the cannon located in the corner of the endzone at the open end of the stadium shook the pressbox for the third time this evening. That 32.5 point line is looking quite conservative right now.

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