Run and Shoot: Getting some answers

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Getting some answers

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - One quarter in and we're getting some early answers to our questions.

ND starting QB?: Demetrius Jones. He's been the only one out there so far.

Can ND replace other skill position players?: So far, not much happening in the running game and the passing game has been a big zero.

Is the Irish defense better?: It's been a wall from its own 10-yard line in. The other 90 yards are still a problem. Tech has had three series and on the first play of those series, they have a total of 55 yards and five plays of double-digit yardage.

How about Taylor Bennett: He got off to a slow start, but completed three passes on the last drive. He missed two possible TD passes though. One he overthrew badly and one he threw to the wrong guy.

A blocked FG attempt has kept the game 6-0 at the first quarter break.

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