Run and Shoot: Michigan-Oregon: Halftime thoughts

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Michigan-Oregon: Halftime thoughts

ANN ARBOR, Mich - If Oregon doesn't get locked in its lockerroom during halftime, the Ducks will win. Michigan's only chance to win this game is if the team's event staff barricades Oregon into the lockerroom and forces a forfeit.

What Michigan needs to do to win: Pray. A lot. The Wolverines' offense has moved the ball well (more than 300 total yards). But that doesn't matter for two reasons. First, Michigan isn't getting it in the end zone (just seven points). Second, Michigan still has the same defense, so it doesn't matter how much the Wolverine offense scores, the deficit is way too much to make up.

What Oregon needs to do to win: Show up. Seriously, that's it.

Outside of Michigan fans, the most upset people in America right now have to be Appalachian State fans. They thought they beat a good team last week — boy, were they wrong.


Yumm - Wolverine tastes yummy, and I'm a vegetarian!

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