Run and Shoot: One wheel falls off...Two wheels fall off

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One wheel falls off...Two wheels fall off

MIAMI - The only accurate description for the mood at the Orange Bowl tonight is shock and elation. No one can remember when Miami has put up such a dominating performance. A shut-out of a great offense throughout the first half, a great aerial attack for the 'Canes, and turnover after turnover after turnover. Certainly not what I expected when I walked into the OB tonight.

All you need to know about this game:

TOTAL YARDS: Miami 190-Texas A&M 39

It's pretty clear-cut what both teams have to do for the second half. For A&M, they just have to stop screwing up. No more fumbles; it's not raining here yet. Try to get something going through the air. Stop Miami's offense.

For the 'Canes, just look at the first-half tape, and do that again. Save it, and watch it next week. And every week for the rest of the season. This is the kind of team Miami fans have been waiting for since a crushing loss at home against Georgia Tech in 2005. They look impeccable.

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