Run and Shoot: Texas delivers killshot

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Texas delivers killshot

AUSTIN, TX -- Two interesting facts about Genus Phrynosoma:

1. No one calls them "horned frogs" in Texas. They're called "horny toads."

2. When threatened by a predator, they can shoot blood from their eyes, up to four feet in distance. Seriously.

TCU might want to try something along those lines, because they're now behind 27-10 and in danger of being squished by Texas

Texas ripped off an 8-play, 53-yard drive that ended with a 20-yard field goal to make it a two-score game. Jamaal Charles finally got into the act, breaking off a 32-yard, cut-back-and-out-run-everyone jaunt.

Considering that TCU's offense hasn't produced two scores in over 50 minutes of play, things look bleak for the Horny Toads. TCU still has only 148 yards of total offense, including just 37 in the second half.

TCU's punter just muffed a punt snap, and Texas' Brandon Foster picked it up and high-stepped it into the end zone with 7:01 to play.

The Texas D-linemen, expecting a pass on every play now, are in their sprinters' stances. These last seven minutes might not be very fun for TCU QB Andy Dalton.

The huge crowd of 84,621, which has been standing nearly the entire game, is really loud now.

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