Run and Shoot: USC-Nebraska: Halftime Ruminations

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USC-Nebraska: Halftime Ruminations

USC takes a 21-10 lead into the locker room at the mid-point of the game.

So far, we've seen two games, the one before Vincent Joseph got hurt and the one after USC finally decided to play some smashmouth football, ala the Charles White days.

USC also turned up the heat on the defensive side of things, holding NU to 57 yards and getting a couple of three-and-outs. The Trojans meanwhile, got 126 yards and eight of their 11 first downs in the 2nd quarter, mostly by lining up, squaring their shoulders and running it down the throat of the NU defense.

Take away their first two offensive plays of the game and the Trojans didn't do squat in quarter No. 1. And dare I say, Nebraska was clearly the better team.

But after the long delay to tend to the injured Joseph, it seems like the USC coaching staff decided to man-up and revert to their late 70s-early 80s for most of the yards in their two touchdown drives.

Under Pete Carroll, USC has been a notoriously better second half team. So we'll see what they do to keep control of the game. The DBs seem to be giving Nebraska 10 yards and a handshake every time. They need to clamp down a bit more since their D-line is working their arse off to get to Keller.

Nebraska's short passing game worked brilliantly early on as they charged to a 10-7 lead. But the SC line was still able to get some pressure on Keller, particularly Sedrick Ellis, so to have any chance whatsoever, the O-line must do a better job of plugging things up. Hell, ditto goes for the Nebraska defense too. That line and those linebackers are getting caught picking the wrong seam and being out of position.

Of course, Nebraska can probably feel confident in knowing that USC will make some bone-head plays and penalties, as they usually do.

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