Run and Shoot: USC-Nebraska: Tailgate report

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USC-Nebraska: Tailgate report

LINCOLN, Neb. - Tailgates are fun. And alcohol seems to help bring out the true feelings in fans.

Just got back from a Nebraska tailgate just outside the stadium and a giant USC tailgate.

Think these fans picture here are pumped? Like something out of a KISS concert, the students waiting here at the gates of the student section were chanting "Open the F#@%in' doors!" wanting to race to their seats in the stadium two hours before gametime. Yeah, I think they're keyed up.

More about the tailgates, read on...

Talked to a handful of Nebraska fans and each one of kept reiterating "this is the most important game we've had in years." They feel if they pull a faceplant today, they'll slip back into college football no-man's land. They do have a point. But then again, this IS Nebraska... it hasn't been THAT long since they've played in a big game.

Talked to a former player for NU from back in the mid-70s, who will remain unnamed, because of the nature of his comments. But he said, "We've raised a generation of p******! I've watched these guys the last few years, I don't see a Christian Peter out there. I don't see a Grant Wistrom. I don't see anybody on these last few teams that would take your head off."

Then I ventured over to the USC tailgate going on at the Marriott in Lincoln. It was a massive ballroom that had a giant TV on the Notre Dame-Michigan game on.

Talking to a well-travelled Trojan fan, he said, "This is by far the friendliest road trip I've ever been on. The Nebraska people far and away have nicer fans than Auburn. And that's who I thought had the best fans prior to this. It's been unbelievable."

The USC fans also took particular glee over seeing Notre Dame throw an interception even though they were already down 38-0. That elicited a loud roar from the Trojans in attendance.

Most of the fans I talked to also had no idea how to gauge this year's SC team, since they said that the Trojans didn't show their hands at all during the game.

I also heard a lot of "this is really just another game for us." from the Troy fans. Apparently so, considering the Trojans are 57-4 in their last 61 games, with the losses coming by a combined 12 points. Everybody is giving them their best shot. And, in my opinion, have become the most-hated team in college football because of it.

Kickoff is 62 minutes away. I think I'll go down into the stands for the kickoff just to see how loud this place is.

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