Run and Shoot: Handfuls Of Rice

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Handfuls Of Rice

PISCATAWAY, N.J. - Rutgers is staying very well grounded in the wake of those two Cincinnati touchdowns.

Ray Rice is starting to gain some traction, sophomore quarterback Jabu Lovelace has helped with a couple of keepers, and the Knights are in Cincinnati territory.

Rice has been able to get four or five yards on his carries, and he's getting the ball in this key situation...which all goes back to Rutgers having played with the lead for most of this game.

If Rutgers doesn't get that first score, and Cincinnati takes the lead earlier and grows it larger, running the ball becomes a much less effective means of attack, depriving Rutgers of its best weapon and putting the game almost entirely in the hands of Teel, which he has yet to prove he's ready for. Now, the Knights can mix up the run and the pass to move the ball, and not worry about the time issue.

Does it mean Rutgers will be able to win this game? Maybe, maybe not. However, I'm sure Greg Schiano is glad to have more options.

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