Run and Shoot: No Surprises in South Bend

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No Surprises in South Bend

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - After BC linebacker Jolonn Dunbar leveled a sliding Jimmy Clausen, Charlie Weis was livid. "How could there not be a penalty on a hit like that? What play was the ref watching?"

Sadly for Weis, those aren't the only questions he needs answered after a first half that saw his team held to just 79 yards and fall down 13-0.

A few hiccups in special teams aside, BC's first half performance was near-perfect. Matt Ryan connected on 18 of his 26 passes for 162 yards, and the BC running game moved the ball effectively in racking up 94 yards behind backs L.V. Whitworth and Andre Callender.

The BC defense was equally dominant, holding Clausen to just 60 yards and one pick on 7-19 passing, and keeping the Irish rushing attack to 19 yards. Throughout the half, BC defenders harassed Clausen into incompletions despite never getting a sack.

The game is far from over, but Notre Dame needs a new strategy on both sides of the ball if it hopes to cut the lead and upset BC.

BC must: Not give up the big play. The Eagles have dominated thus far, but one missed assignment and this game is down to one score.

ND must: Get some receivers open. Clausen seemed to throw more balls out of bounds than in play, and that fault goes in large part to his receivers not avoiding the coverage.

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