Run and Shoot: I-90 Awash in Maroon and Gold

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I-90 Awash in Maroon and Gold

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - Boston College fans, far from fanatics, are notorious for showing up late in the first quarter, if at all, for never traveling to bowl games, and for general lethargy when it comes to putting effort into supporting its perennially successful athletic program.

But if there's one game you can guarantee every Boston Irish Catholic is willing to get up for, its Notre Dame.

Case in point, call an RV renter in New England. BC students, some driving four hours to New York just to pick them up, occupied the Northeast's entire inventory in what has become a right of passage in Chestnut Hill: driving an RV cross-country to South Bend.

The 15-hour, 1,800-mile trip down one highway (I-90) and through five states (Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana) was taken by around 500 students, with another 500-700 flying down through Chicago.

Thanks to a lax company policy on letting RVs camp overnight, the South Bend Wal-Mart was turned into a mini-BC last night as most of those RVs pulled in Friday afternoon to stay overnight - many of them with TVs tuned to that other Boston team, the Red Sox, playing its first ALCS game. Most will spend the post-game celebration, or disappointment, in that same parking lot tonight before embarking on the second-leg of the journey back to Boston.

Notre Dame allots around 5,000 tickets to the opposing team, 900 of which were given to BC students who are occupying a small blot of maroon and gold in the south end zone facing Touchdown Jesus. You can bet their parents will be saying a few prayers for a safe journey.

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