Run and Shoot: Really Special Teams

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Really Special Teams

PISCATAWAY, NJ - Special teams have certainly been special tonight. Rutgers fumbled another punt return in the third quarter, giving the Bulls a first down from the Rutgers 24 yard line. But the Rutgers defense continues to impress in this second half, pressuring Grothe far more than they could in the first half, and making USF give up the ball twice. On this last possession, the Scarlet Knights forced a field goal, only to block it and then attempt to shuffleboard-style push the ball toward the end zone and pull off what USF could not do earlier. Their attempt, too, was foiled, but the score remains 20-17 in favor of the Scarlet Knights.

A couple of other notes:

USF offensive tackle Walt Walker very gingerly walked off the field midway through the third quarter.

Tonight's attendance of 44,267 is officially the largest crowd in Rutgers football history.

Apparently, USF head coach Jim Leavitt is on his third or fourth headset, as he keeps slamming them to the ground and breaking them. As long as he's not pulling sideline infractions, I'm sure the USF athletics department will be more than willing to continue supplying Leavitt with all the headsets he needs to get through a game.

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