Run and Shoot: An ominous sign

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An ominous sign

COLLEGE PARK, Md. - Uh oh.

If there were ever a foreshadowing incident, it just happened during the pre-game introductions.

With Boston College set to take the field, six flagwavers holding the letters to spell out "Eagles" couldn't get it together. Half of them went too early, spelling "EAG" while the other three (including the BC mascot) trailed far behind with "LES".

It took a dead sprint for the trailing three to catch up, and by the time they did, it was time for Maryland to take the field, and the "TERPS" flagwavers made it on without any problems.

Foreshadowing a big upset here? Maybe, but it's surely a possibility that will be one of BC's lone errors on the night.

Kickoff is about to get underway.

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