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NORMAN, Okla. - Well, if there was any sort of "win one for Guy and maybe we'll save his job" kind of thing going on for Baylor today as they prepare to kick off against No. 4 Oklahoma … sorry.

Media reports surfaced Friday night that Baylor, indeed, will be letting Guy Morriss go at the end of the season. This despite the fact that Morriss, though watching over the doormat of the Big 12 Conference, fared much better than his predecessors at the only private school in the league. At 18-38 durig his tenure, should the reports prove correct, his time at Baylor be remembered more for what was accoomplished than what wasn't, even if what was accomplished was slim.

Baylor claims the decision is yet to come, but doesn't every school say that?

The amazing this is Morriss' fate has become known even sooner than Nebraska's Bill Callahan — where did that come from today against Kansas State? — and Texas A&M's Dennis Franchione — is the Aggie offense right out of the 19th century or what?

Where the Sooners are concerned, a case can be made that what's happening right now in Columbus, Ohio, is more important than anything happening today in Norman. Nearly a 40-point favorite, the Sooners have never lost to the Bears. Ever. And now, all OU has to do to get one step closer to the BCS championship game is win today, what after Ron Zook's Fighting Illini just took down No. 1 Ohio State.

How about that?

Left between OU and the promised land are wins today, next week at Texas Tech, at home over Bedlam rival Oklahoma State and over Kansas or Missouri at the Big 12 title game … and the little matter of Oregon.

The conventional wisdom says OU can't catch Oregon without help, but perhaps it's not so iron clad. OU beat Missouri and Missouri beat Illinoi and Illinois beat Ohio State, so that will help in the computers, and perhaps a victory over a top-5 Tiger or Jayhawk team in San Antonio at the end of the season could pop OU all the way to No. 2 in the BCS standings.

Who knows, but the season just got more interesting.

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