Run and Shoot: It took a turnover

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It took a turnover

NORMAN, Okla. - Well, Oklahoma has taken the lead, but it's unclear if there's more where that came from.

The record will show a touchdown pass of 3 yards from Sam Bradford to tight end Jermaine Gresham. It took a while, coming at the 5:21 mark, yet for the Sooners, it' a start. And still, they will be fortunate to score just that way again.

It all started with another off-center kick from punter Michael Cohen. Quite a bit longer than his 14-yard job against Iowa State, A&M's Roger Holland nonetheless had to sprint forward to catch it. He didn't quite make it and the muff led to DeMarco Murray's recovery — sidebar: Bob Stoops playes him prime time guys on special teams; he's been doing it forever; plays like this are more indication he's doing the right thing — setting the Sooners up on the A&M 32. A 25-yard pass from Bradford to Manuel Johnson came facing third-and-9. Two plays later and Gresham had his six points. The kick made it 7-0.

The fans love it, but OU remains a long way away.

The running game is going nowhere.

OU has 70 yards of total offense, more than half of it on two converted third and longs.

Yes, it is nice to have a redshirt freshman quarterback with nerves beyond his years.

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