Run and Shoot: The place is buzzing

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The place is buzzing

NORMAN, Okla -A half hour before the kick it's a mix of disbelief and knowing nods in the Owen Field Press Box where Oklahoma and Texas A&M will soon meet.

In short, Texas came back from 21 points down to beat Oklahoma State 38-35 about an hour and 45 minutes northeast of Owen Field. It's the third time in four years the Pokes have gotten out to a big lead against the Longhorns only to give it up in the end. In the other two, it was even the Horns blowing the Pokes out by the time it was over. Just a guess, this will be played in the local media and on talk radio as further evidence OSU simply isn't ready for prime time.

As for today's game here?

Nobody expects any comebacks today. It wasn't so long ago a Bob Stoops OU team beat a Dennis Franchione A&M team 77-0 on this very same turf. And while that isn't exactly expected, it would shock few.

The Sooners enter the game coming off an off week. At the very least, with the extra time, OU is very prepared. Perhaps likely, the Sooners have more than that going their way today. Everybody is healthy. Everybody has had a little time to reflect on the last four outings, which have included three wins, two of high quality, over Texas and Missouri, and yet none of the start to finish domination that marked OU's run through the non-conference portion of its schedule. Lately, that's what's been missing. And so it's a big storyline today. Can the Sooners get their groove back?

Nobody expects anything from the Aggies.

Franchione has been the subject of great controversy, after his super-secret, just-for-the-high-rollers can-you-afford-this newsletter was exposed and discontinued. As many see it, Franchione's best-case scneario is to be coaching for his job today and throughout the rest of the season. The other school of thought is his time has already passed. That there's nothing he can do.

More controversy, it's been reported today, Aggies running back Mike Goodson skipped a practice over the week and was of a mind, at least for a while, to not come back. At the very least, though he's here in Norman, it would appear his status is questionable. And any hit to the A&M running game is a real hit. It's about the only thing the Aggies do well.

Around the nation, nobody has done the Sooners any favors just yet, though Alabama is trying its darndest against LSU and Oregon may hand Arizona State it's first loss. Wisconsin gave Ohio State a scare but that was it. Here, what OU must do is help itself. It can't get to the BCS championship game without help. All the same, should the Sooners get it, the best be prepared and that means finding a higer level that the one they displayed at Iowa State and Colorado, and the one they displayed for more than a half against Texas and Missouri.

How will it play out?

Soon, we'll know.

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