Run and Shoot: A lot of defense

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A lot of defense

SAN ANTONIO - Oklahoma is just now beginning its second drive. Missouri has had the ball twice. Nobody's going anywhere.

Here's what we've witnessed thus far. The Sooners have already faced fourth-and-23 (and right now face third-and-22). Missouri has already had receiver Tommy Saunders flagged for intentional grounding. Yep, that's right, a receiver called for grounding. He was outside the tackle box. Of course, that's where he caught quarterback Chase Daniel's lateral.

Missouri, now with the ball back, starting at its own 32, has picked up the game's only first down, but did nothing with it.

Really, this game figured to be a shootout before it became a defensive battle. The Sooners have occasionally played great defense. Missouri has tended to outscore opponents. It is, though, very early.

Oh, by the way, Auston English is playing for OU, at least so far. Chase Coffman, though, has not for Missouri.

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