Run and Shoot: Fiesta Bowl halftime report

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Fiesta Bowl halftime report

GLENDALE, Ariz. — While attending media scarf down frozen goodies and hot dogs (nothing but the best at the BCS bowls), one has to wonder what kind of tact Bob Stoops is taking in the halftime locker room with his Sooners, who just played their worst half of football this season, at least among halves in which Sam Bradford went the distance behind center.

After a half hour of football, West Virginia has picked up 255 yards (159 on the ground) while the Sooners have rung up a mere 100. Bradford has thrown for 89 yards. The Sooners have run for 11 (on 16 carries). West Virginia has 11 first downs. The Sooners have six. The Mountaineers have punted only once. The Sooners have been penalized 50 yards.

OU fans can take solace in D.J. Wolfe's blocking a half-ending field goal that kept the Sooners within 14 points. It is about the only thing OU has done right in the game.

Should the Sooners continue as they've been going, the backlash will not be kind. A loss would be four in five postseasons for OU, the only victory being the one Rhett Bomar led them to in San Diego.

There is no question Malcolm Kelly not playing is hurting the Sooners. West Virginia is double covering Juaquin Iglesias (four catches, 10 yards) and taking their chances with Quentin Chaney (two catches, 68 yards). However, that still doesn't explain only one catch each from Manuel Johnson and Jermaine Gresham and none by Joe Jon Finley or the running backs.

Meanwhile Pat White has carried 12 times for 80 yards and thrown for 96.

OU caught fire against Missouri in the second half at the Big 12 title again. To have a chance tonight, it appears the Sooners will have to do it again.

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