Run and Shoot: Now it's a shootout

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Now it's a shootout

GLENDALE, Ariz. - Don't blink. You might miss a Sam Bradford touchdown pass. Or, more likely, you'll miss another coast-to-coast jaunt from the Mountaineer of your choice.

The most recent belongs to Noel Devine, a 65-yard run that made it 48-28. The play was West Virginia's sixth in excess of 30 yards. The moment Devine reached the end zone, West Virginia's total offense amounted to 526 yards with 9:21 still left to play.

The two teams have gone up and down the field the length of the second half, with West Virginia continuing to move just a little bit faster, picking up bigger chunks of real estate along the way.

Bradford looks like the hardest-working guy on the field right now, running for first downs, doing all he can to keep the Sooners in the game. Only it's too late. Now the Sooners will have to perform a miracle of even greater majesty than the one Boise State pulled off a year ago.

Meanwhile, a check of the message boards reveal an unruliness among the Sooner Nation, which has to love winning so many conference championships, but hate, a month later, three of the last four seasons, feeling terrible about the way the season ultimately ended.

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