November 17, 2007

Kansas runs out the clock on Iowa State, leading 38-7

LAWRENCE, Kan. - As the minutes left on the scoreboard dwindle, fans are heading for the exits in Lawrence.

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Kansas leads 31-7 after an uneventful third quarter

LAWRENCE, Kan. - Kansas added three points to its lead and Iowa State to 35 total yards in the third quarter.

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Todd Reesing continues to impress, Kansas leads 28-7

LAWRENCE, Kan. - At this point, the question isn't whether or not Kansas will hang on and defeat Iowa State. It's if Todd Reesing is a great quarterback or the greatest quarterback.

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Penalties hurt Kansas, which leads 21-7 heading into the half.

LAWRENCE, Kan. - Iowa State avoided being completely dominated by finally finding the end zone late in the first half.

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Kansas piling on the points, leading 21-0

LAWRENCE, Kan. - Generally speaking, midway through the second quarter is a little too early to call a game officially over. With this Kansas team, I think it's safe to say this one's done.

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Reesing adds to his Heisman resume

LAWRENCE, Kan. - He may still be on the outside looking in, but Kansas quarterback Todd Reesing is making a compelling case for Heisman candidacy.

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The Jayhawks strike first

LAWRENCE, Kan. - As has been the case often this season, Kansas found its way onto the scoreboard first.

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Iowa State looks to spoil Kansas' dream season

LAWRENCE, Kan. - This is the classic trap game scenario: Kansas enters the game at 10-0 and primed to move into the No. 2 spot in the BCS with a victory. Iowa State is 3-8 but has won two straight games after hanging with Missouri and Oklahoma the two weeks prior.

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October 20, 2007

Sooners survive

AMES, Iowa - How did No. 4 Oklahoma manage to do everything but lose Saturday afternoon at Jack Trice Stadium. Well, let us count the ways.

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Not over yet

AMES, Iowa - Here's the latest in a long line of special teams issues for Oklahoma. Michael Cohen kicked a 14-yard punt. What's next? Somebody fields a punt and runs the wrong way? At this point, nothing surprises.

Alas, a triple tipped Brett Meyer pass into the end zone while the Cyclones faced second and goal at the 6 after driving down another gift of a short field, was picked off by D.J. Wolfe. Now, the Sooners are driving with 4 minutes and change left to play.

The Sooners appear to have locked it up, but it looked that way 20 minutes ago and 5 minutes ago it was looking like overtime.

A week ago, Bob Stoops said every win is a good win, but didn't mean it after OU stumbled through some of its 41-31 victory over Missouri. Maybe it takes a game like this to appreciate the sentiment. OU can't like the way it's playing. But should it survive, it will be so much better than the alternative.

Sanity makes a comeback

AMES, Iowa - Oklahoma may not yet be playing up to its ranking, but it's clearly taken control of that action at Jack Trice Stadium.

Yet another turnover — DeMarco Murray was stripped, Chris Taylor recovered — slowed things down again, but after holding the Cyclones, a 14-play, 80-yard drive with Chris Brown getting the honors yet again — his fifth touchdown in two games — has the Sooners up 14-7.

Once again, Bradford missed a certain touchdown hook-up with Juaquin Iglsesias, throwing the ball off the junior receiver's fingertips from midfield. Nonetheless, the Sooners were quickly back in the end zone, even getting 54 of the 80 yards through the air.

Lost perhaps in OU's struggles to get things going offensively is just how defiant the defense has played to keep the Sooners in the game. It's not like OU leads the day in short fields.

Murray to the rescue

AMES, Iowa - A week ago, Chris Brown rode to Oklahoma's rescue. This week, apparently, it's redshirt freshman DeMarco Murray. Of course, it begs a question. Without the Sooners cup running over at running back, just where would they be.

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Bradford just missing

AMES, Iowa - Oklahoma finally put a drive together. Sort of.

Third and 6, first play of second quarter, and Sam Bradford finds Chris Brown out of the backfield.

Three plays later, Bradford finds Jermaine Gresham for 18 yards.

Three plays later, Brown carries for 5 facing third and 3.

Three plays later, Bradford hits Adron Tennell in the chest, but Tennell was slipping as the ball arrived.

Next play, Bradford scrambles short facing fourth and 5.

The play before Tennell's drop? Bradford throws too tall to Malcolm Kelly. Catchable, but the high throw allowed the safety to make a play on the receiver. It was the second sure touchdown Bradford had just missed, the first a ball Juaquin Iglesias could have caught but refused to lay out for.

Now, Iowa State driving again.

It's been a crazy season and 24 minutes into things at Jack Trice Stadium it's only getting crazier.

Cyclones convert fourth down and they're just 21 yards away, still leading 7-0.

First quarter from Ames

AMES, Iowa - If this keeps up, the nation will be shaking its head once again by the end of the day.

Through 15 minutes, the only thing of note from Oklahoma has been a turnovers that led to a touchdown. That and the fact the Sooners have failed to move the ball. Sam Bradford has narrowly missed two big hook ups, one with Malcolm Kelly and the other to Juaquin Iglesias.

Though the Cyclones just have the one touchdown (more than many thought they might get the whole game), notable is the fact ISU has advanced the ball every possession.

The Sooner Nation sweats

Hope springs eternal

AMES, Iowa - Well, so much for that complete game the Sooners or their running game was hopting to pitch.

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A template for the day

Is this the way it's going to be …

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Kick near in Ames

Give Iowa State credit.

The Stadium is very nearly full, even to watch 1-6 Iowa State likely be throttled by 6-1 and fourth-ranked Oklahoma. On the other hand, a note to the schedulers, Kansas State and Colorado look like better homecoming candidates than the Sooners. But then, perhaps, Ames may be no place to visit in November.

Still, the homecoming commotion is impressive. A bunch of true believers. And why not. Strangers things have happened … even this season.

The teams are lining up.

And there's the kick.

Pregame from Ames

AMES, Iowa — Still a little more than a half hour before the kick at Jack Trice Stadium, where if it's 55 outside it's 90 inside thanks to a brillian Iowa sun. With some time, a quick review of today's sublots appears in order before No. 4 Oklahoma meets foundering Iowa State.


1. Assuming victory, which seems likely in the face of a 30-point spread, the Sooner Nation has to be wondering if, for a third straight Saturday, OU will get more help in the national title race. Technically, the Sooners have already received it this week, Thursday night, when Rutgers stunned No. 2 South Florida. There are some candidates. No. 5 LSU — ahead of OU in the BCS — plays host to No. 18 Auburn. Though unranked, Michigan State might be capable of giving No. 1 Ohio State a hard time.

2. The Sooners are still waiting to play something close to a complete game. At Colorado, they fell apart in the fourth quarter. Against Texas, it took a few huge and singluar plays to make up for a few clear breakdowns. Against Missouri, two turnovers had Bob Stoops steaming after the game, while the Tigers' four turnovers may have been the biggest reason most of the fans exiting Owen Field were smiling. OU could really use a start-to-finish domination unseen since non-conference play ended.

3. OU is 4-0 at home, 1-0 on neutral fields (Texas), 1-0 on the road at a place it had half the fans (Tulsa) and 0-1 in truly hostile environments (Colorado). It's only the Cyclones, yet it remains a true road game, a test the Sooners have yet to pass.

4. Can Sam Bradford keep it going. The nation's pass-efficiency leader (181.15) continues to impress. Today might be an opportunity to pad his 20 to 4 touchdown to interception radio.

5. Barring an absolute complete game, can the Sooners get a complete game on the ground? Allen Patrick, DeMarco Murray, Chris Brown and — if it's a laugher — Mossis Madu and Jacob Gutierrez should all get their chances to carry the ball.

Iowa State

1. Does the Season of the Upset hold anything for Cyclones. Or, better put, anything more. Just 1-6 on the season, the Cyclones have already lost to Kent State, Toledo and Northern Iowa. The one victory? In-state rival Iowa. Does that make Northern Iowa king of the rolling corn fields?

2. Do the Cyclones mail it in? Questionable is just what Iowa State has left to play for. Recently a player in the Big 12 North, Missouri, Kansas, Kansas State and Colorado all appear to have passed the Cyclones by. (Bright side? Dan McCarney struggled as a young Cyclone coach, but eventually turned things around. First-year coach Gene Chizik will likely receive the same kind of time and many swear by the guy)

That's it for subplots. Now, a small bit of trivia every college footballf fan should know.

Prentice Gautt broke the color barrier at OU in 1956. It was more than a decade later it happened at Red River rival Texas. Yet Jack Trice, Iowa State's first black athlete, was playing for the Cyclones in 1922. Trice died Oct. 8, 1923 from injuries sustained on the field against Minnesota two days earlier.

How nice it is, in these days of United Spirit Arena (Texas Tech) and the Coors Center (Colorado), that football is played at a place called Jack Trice Stadium.

Until the kick …


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