October 07, 2007

LSU-Florida: The party is going on in Baton Rouge

BATON ROUGE, La. - That big, giant tremor you just felt was another jolt to the national championship picture.

The LSU Tigers fought, scratched, huffed, grunted, stuffed and converted their way to an exhausting 28-24 win over No. 9 Florida tonight in Tiger Stadium setting off a celebration that could be felt from La. to L.A.

(LSU players celebrate the win over Florida in front of the student section)

Coupled with USC's absolutely inexcusable loss to a weakened Stanford team, the Tigers will most assuredly gobble up the remaining first place votes in all of the polls this week.

This was a game of attrition. Florida's second half collapse and LSU's dogged determination.

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October 06, 2007

LSU-Florida: Tigers don't miss this opportunity, cut it to three.


They had to work for it, but LSU gets six points. And the extra point

This time, the Tigers don't screw around with missed field goals. After Tim Tebow rifled the ball off Percy Harvin's helmet and the Tigers intercepted, LSU went the remaining 27 yards to put this game back into reach at 24-21.

Matt Flynn hit Demetrius Boyd with a fourth-down TD pass to cap the drive. Had that ball not been caught, it could've been curtains for the Tigers. But instead, the purple and gold are given new life.

The drive goes 27 yard, 9 plays, 1:50. There is now 10:15 left in the game and Tebow has to be kicking himself for not using any touch on that intercepted pass. This should be a fun ending. 92,910 are in attendance, they just announced.

LSU-Florida: Don't think I've ever heard Tiger Stadium THIS quiet.


Okay, I spoke way too quickly after they announced that USC-Stanford score.

Florida just showed who the champions are with that quick 5-play drive. This place is quiet again... except for the fans in blue and orange.

75 yards, 5 plays, with a 37 yard pass from Tim Tebow to Cornelius Ingram. And I'm not sure if I've EVER seen a receiver more wide open since Irving Fryer dropped that would-be touchdown in the Orange Bowl against Miami (but he had money on that game.).

LSU-Florida: Possibly the loudest I've heard an LSU crowd


LSU scores a touchdown. USC loses. And now the Cajuns are goin' freakin' craaaa-zaaaaay!

I've been going to LSU games since 1978 and this may be as loud as I've ever heard it. All 92,000+ are abusing their lungs right now.

LSU-Florida: If I could be two places at once, I'd be here and at the Coliseum in L.A.


LSU just put together their best drive of the night, going 70 yards on 15 plays with a Keiland Williams touchdown to make this a ball game again. Matt Flynn pulled off another great fake field goal to make a first down and keep the drive alive. And that pass interference on the Gators was really bad. Florida still leads 17-14, but it's getting hairy now with the crowd back into it.

However, the buzz in the press box is all about that unbelievable Stanford-USC ending. Did THAT really happen? My gawd! LSU just announced the score and the crowd went nuts.

Tigers kept the ball for 8:12.

LSU-Florida: Tebow to teammates, "We STILL own this #!@%in' place!"


It's now 17-7 Florida ahead at the half. I've been able to obtain an on-field arm band and snapped this pic of Tim Tebow immediately after he scored the last touchdown before the half. He was getting in the face of his offensive teammates and yelled the above demand to them.


LSU actually holds an advantage of 177 to 172 yards in total offense. But obviously, dumb mistakes are hurting the Tigers again, including an interception, five penalties (Gators have none) and Brandon LaFell has dropped a few passes that would've helped their cause.

Tebow, to the surprise of exactly no one, leads the Gators with 44 yards rushing and capable 7-of-13 passing for 89 yards.

Matt Flynn is 8-of-15 for 102 yards so far. But has been a bit on the shaky side with some pressure. He also seems to be "locked in" on one receiver every time he drops back. Trindon Holliday has only touched the ball four times on offense and has never been able to get "in space" as those awful announcers like to say.

LSU-Florida: Tigers have some roar. Pull within 3.


Like those 'Lectric Shave ads from the 70s, LSU says "Thanks, I needed that." Only they didn't get a slap of after shave, they gave a slap to the Florida defense, going 80 yards in 16 plays in 7:37. Ryan Perrilloux goes the final yard on another option for the TD.

It's now Florida 10, LSU 7. 6:08 left in the half.

By the way, it's never a bad time to include a picture of CBS sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson. She rocks man.

LSU-Florida: Hmmm. LSU defense being exposed.


Bo Pelini, your pedigree as a Defensive Coordinator is being questioned. Florida now up 10-0 at 13:45 of the 2nd quarter.

Tim Tebow continues to make a living over the middle against the Tiger defense, using Harvin and Co. on quick slants where they are finding an open lane. He also showed how plucky he was with that dink touchdown to Kehstan Moore. (By the way, don't you hate the word "plucky"?)

77 yards on 12 plays, 7:03... and a whole lot of authority for Florida right now.

LSU-Florida: Uh-oh, you can sense the crowd wants Perrilloux


So Matt Flynn has made a couple of poor throws, including a pass behind the receiver that turned into a pick. And Ryan Perrilloux has made some nice runs on some option plays, looking J.C. Watts-like.

After Flynn's last incompletion you could hear the crowd moan with disapproval. Although he did make a nice throw to LaFell on an inside screen for a first down. LaFell then reprised his role from the Tulane game by dropping yet another pass that would've been a first down.

Some boo-birds are out for LSU? Geez people, get real, will ya'?

LSU-Florida: I give the Gators a B grade on that drive


Florida decided to surprise LSU with something they might not have expected, the short passing game. Tebow threw a couple of 8-12 yard passes befor the Gators were held to an opening drive field goal.

47 yards, 10 plays, 3:41
31 yard field goal by Jay Ijjas.

LSU, it's your turn now.

And is that USC-Stanford score right? 9-0 at the half? The Tiger Stadium P.A. should announce that score so the Tiger fans get even more into a frenzy.

LSU-Florida: Mike makes his appearance, kick off soon

And might I add, this stadium is LOUD as a MOTHER!

Typical LSU nighttime crowd. Drunken madness!

The newest Mike The Tiger made his first appearance in the stadium tonight. Cute cheerleaders too. Hi girls!

LSU-Florida: Jambalaya, beer, Cowboy Mouth. The pre-game is ON in Baton Rouge


No matter where you go around the LSU campus, you're within an antacids throw of a whole lot of wicked food, free booze and drunken cajuns willing to share their legendary hospitality.

It also helps that the New Orleans country-punk band Cowboy Mouth has helped whip the crowd into a frenzy with a quick gig in front of the Pete Maravich Assembly Center.

(Drummer Fred LeBlanc and the fetching Regina Zernay on bass for Cowboy Mouth)

The band is led by drummer Fred LeBlanc, who formerly banged the skins for Dash Riprock in the 80s and 90s. The were rockin' good, including a unique version of "Will you be my girl."

Meanwhile, the LSU band just entered Tiger Stadium after marching down Victory Hill through the huge throngs of LSU fans. If this little exhibition is any indication, tonight's crowd is going to be freakin' nuts! It's going to make a Jimi Hendrix concert sound like prayer service.

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October 05, 2007

LSU-Florida: The Day Before Preview

BATON ROUGE, La. - In the words of that immortal 60s and 70s game show To Tell The Truth, will the REAL Southeastern Conference power please stand up?

The last few weeks has shown us that both LSU and Florida have been imposters of their usual selves. This game should change that lethargic, elsewhere look these teams have had recently. 92,000+ screaming fans will make sure of that.

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