December 02, 2007

Warriors' beliefs power win over Washington

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It's 3:30am Eastern Time, Here's What You East-Coasters Missed

(It was a BCS and Heisman-worthy performance by Hawaii and Colt Brennan)

Hawaii fights back to close the half

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Washington takes an early 14-0 lead


The Hawaii defense was called for illegal substitution, giving the Huskies a first down on fourth-and-four at midfield. Jake Locker, on 2nd and goal, rushed for an eight-yard touchdown and Ryan Perkins added the extra point to give the Huskies the first lead of the game at 7-0.

On their first offensive possession, third down, Hawaii quarterback Colt Brennan fumbled the ball, and Washington took over on the Hawaii 21 yard line. With the ball at the one yard line on fourth and goal, Washington converted the second score of the night. Perkins kick was good for a 14-0 lead with 8:30 left in the first quarter.

December 01, 2007

Warriors-Huskies set for kickoff

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October 20, 2007

Ducks streamroll Huskies in 55-34 win

SEATTLE -- Oregon piled up 465 yards on the ground and 661 total yards in a see-saw battle with Washington.

Jonathan Stewart ran for a career-high 251 yards on 32 carries and scored twice. He came in averaging between 16 and 17 carries per game and nearly doubled that output against the Huskies.

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Ducks' reponse? We're better at scoring than you are.

SEATTLE -- Oregon scores yet again, this time in nine plays for 62 yards. Stewart's over 200 yards now and Crenshaw is getting a good deal of the carries too.

At this point, I don't know which defense is worse. The Huskies will always give up chunks of yards while the Ducks' will have a few good stops and then surrender a long touchdown. What's worse?

Washington responds again

SEATTLE -- Will the scoring never end? After Oregon moved 94 yards down the field to take the lead, Washington responded with "Oh yeah? Have some more of this!" as Locker and Reece hooked up again, this time for a 38-yard touchdown.

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Oregon takes its time to score

SEATTLE -- After cornerback Jairus Byrd picked off a Locker pass at the six-yard line, Oregon drove 94 yards on 15 plays to score a touchdown on a pitch to running back Andre Crenshaw.

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Huskies tie it

SEATTLE -- That didn't take long. Three minutes into the third quarter, Washington catches Oregon in a blitz with a screen pass to running back Louis Ranking for a 43-yard touchdown to tie at 24.

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Halftime update

SEATTLE -- Locker led a field-goal drive and left Oregon with a less than a minute to go before the end of the half.

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Yep, it's a Pac-10 game

SEATTLE -- The Ducks responded to the Huskies score by driving 90 yards on six plays in little over a minute.

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Okay, I understand the hype

SEATTLE -- Locker just escaped a 10-yard sack from Oregon safety Patrick Chung, possibly the Ducks' best defender, and turned it into a nine-yard gain while eluding multiple Oregon defenders.

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Washington holds the line

SEATTLE -- After scoring a field goal to make it 17-7, the Ducks held the Huskies to a three-and-out and safety Patrick Chung blocked the ensuing punt.

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Oregon on the board again and this time Washington responds

SEATTLE -- Again, the Ducks used precise passing and Stewart's hard running to score their second touchdown. But on the next play from scrimmage, Washington scored on an 83-yard pass from Jake Locker to Anthony Russo.

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Oregon runs unopposed for touchdown

SEATTLE -- The Ducks take their first drive and go 61 yards on nine plays.

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Ducks wear white and hope to move up in BCS

SEATTLE - It's been 10 years since Oregon won in Husky Stadium.

While that sounds bad, part of the reason is because the Ducks haven't played here since 2003 - the years when Washington has been a Pac-10 doormat - and have won three straight against the Huskies, eclipsing them by at least 20 points each time.

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September 15, 2007

Tressel gets 200 wins, OSU beats up on UW

SEATTLE - Jim Tressel prefers Diet Pepsi.

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Ohio State is going to win this game

SEATTLE - This is pretty much over.

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OSU increases lead

SEATTLE - The Buckeyes just kicked a FG after UW broke up their last pass attempt ... they now lead 20-7 with 13:57 to play in the fourth. There have been some really exciting plays on both sides, but most of it was happening when Ohio State went on it's little 14-0 run. Since then, it's been a little blah. And the people dressed in purple are kinda quiet right now. At least they're not booing their QB for throwing 2 INTs like at SOME Pac-10 schools.

Not a freshman?

SEATTLE - I want to see Locker's birth certificate to prove he's just a redshirt freshman. This kid can PLAY.

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It's amazing how quickly momentum can shift.

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Buckeyes score

And just like that, Ohio State takes the lead with a beautiful 68-yard pass from Boeckman (who doesn't seem so rattled in his first road start) to give the Buckeyes the edge. They made the extra point, too, and now lead 10-7 with 9:36 to go in the game.

Stat time

A little stat info while we wait for the measure guy to come out and decide if UIW really did get that first down.

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Huskies lead

Wahoo, we're back! Our internet troubles are over ... for the time being.

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Purple and Gold everywhere

SEATTLE -- Traffic sucked.

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