Big Ten: Motto Schmotto

By Jessica Garrison - October 29, 2006

Whether you put on the back of your practice shorts, proclaim it across a t-shirt, print it on the programs or just pound it into your players’ minds, a little motivational motto can go a long way. Some of the best from around the Big Ten...

Penn State: In the Lady Lions’ media guide, this year’s theme is declared as Have The Passion. The passion was there in the offseason so far, as Rene Portland expressed her pleasure with the noticeable difference in her team’s conditioning and improvement this summer.

Minnesota: On or Under, according to coach Pam Borton, who had the motto emblazoned on a maroon rubber bracelet. “You’re either on board or under the bus,” Borton said. At this point, “everybody’s on board and moving in the right direction.”

Indiana: "We're all about the Three P's: Purpose, Passion and Pride,” head coach Felisha Legette-Jack said. “You've got to have a purpose for everything you do, and it's always bigger than the game. When you play for me, you've got to have that passion, smack the floor and go after every ball. And you have to take pride, look in the mirror and know you gave it all you had."

Ohio State: While both Foster and Davenport denied that the Buckeyes rely on any one slogan, Davenport offered up their huddle chant of “TOGETHER!” as the next best thing.

Posted by Jessica Garrison at 02:03 PM on October 29, 2006

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