Big XII: Gary Blair-isms

By Jean Neuberger - October 18, 2006

There is no question as to who is the showman of this Media Days. The honor goes to Texas A&M Coach Gary Blair, who kept the media laughing with his comments during his interview.

The funnier quotes by Coach Blair, known here as Blair-isms, are listed below....

On himself and moderator Pete Irwin: "I'll tell you, when we retire, we'll be the best two Wal-Mart greeters you've ever seen in your life."

On himself and the media: "Well, I'm overrated and underpaid, just like all of you guys here."

On A&M's summer basketball tour in Europe: "You have to respect what they do over there. They speak 4-5 languages over there. I just speak broken English."

On A&M being picked second in pre-season polls: It's a conspiracy by the coaches. They picked us second to put all of the pressure on us. Oklahoma earned the top spot, they deserve the top spot, so we don't worry about Oklahoma. We worry about the rest of the league."

On Oklahoma State coach Kurt Budke: "He's got 10 new players. His golf game still sucks, but you guys better get behind his basketball team."

On a more serious note, Blair had huge praise for OU's Courtney Paris, as well as A&M men's coach Billy Gillespie.

"Courtney Paris, her strongest asset is her charisma off the court," Blair said. "What a great player and great ambassador for Oklahoma. She's had the best hands I've ever seen for a player her size."

"Billy Gillespie is one of the best coaches in the country," said Blair. "Go attend one of his practices, and see the intensity, and you'll realize what a great coach he is. He's one of the best coaches in the league, and that's saying something considering all the great coaches in men's basketball."

Blair has been the only coach that has gone well over the time limit...while most have ended on time or a little early, Blair's interview went 5 minutes over. His quotes, as well as his team, were the reasons why he was a coach in demand today.

Posted by Jean Neuberger at 04:22 PM on October 18, 2006

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