Big XII: Medders leading the way for Cyclones

By Jean Neuberger - October 18, 2006

Ask any coach if they wanted a point guard who had 215 assists in a season, while being the team's leading scorer, and not one coach would decline the offer. It's the statistics of a consumate team player, and Iowa State has just that in 5-9 senior Lyndsey Medders.

Medders lead the Cyclones last year in points per game (16.5), free throw percentage (87.7%) and led the nation in assists, averaging 7.7 a game. Naturally, this made Medders a leader, something she relishes.

"I want to make others around me better," Medders said. "Being called a consumate team player is the highest compliment you can get. However, in the end, it's about who wins the most, and that's what I want to help us do. I want to lead us to the NCAA Tournament."

And to achieve that goal, Medders has gone to work...hard. Even after having surgery to repair a broken foot, Medders continued to work over the summer. Even when she was named pre-season all-conference, Medders never quits working on her game.

"She is a very special player," said Cyclones Coach Bill Fennelly. "She has always done what we have asked her to do. You are talking about a kid that basically played the last two months of the season with a broken foot. I think every coach wants a great point guard, and I wouldn't trade her for anyone in the country, I really wouldn't. She has embraced what it means to be an Iowa State player and has brought that to our fan base."

"I worked on defense all summer," said Medders. "I'm working harder to be a better defender this year. I'm honored to be selected to the all-conference team though."

Medders believes that the work ethic that is brought to practice is what makes this team a very strong one.

"Our leadership, our work ethic , our experience, those are strengths of ours," she said. "Our depth is definitely a big strength this year. Having more bodies this year will help us a lot."

Is Medders aiming for a repeat title in assists?

"I don't make stat goals," Medders said. "I have one goal: to get this team to the tournament. The stats will come later."

As if you'd expect anything else from the epitome of a consumate team player.

Posted by Jean Neuberger at 05:01 PM on October 18, 2006

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