Road To The Final 64

By Jeff Lippman - January 16, 2007

Jerry Palm,'s resident NCAA tournament bracket specialist, has officially released his first installment of the Road to the Final 64.

Your No. 1 seeds in the inaugural bracket are a shock I know: Maryland, Duke, North Carolina and Tennessee.

Although the ACC is widely regarded as the top women's conference, the Big East is the proud owner of the most placements in the bracket. Eight proud schools, UConn (2), Marquette (4), Louisville (5), Notre Dame (6), Pitt (7), USF (8), Rutgers (8) and DePaul (11) all have earned our early nod.

Here are a few iffy seedings, gained simply because the team is the current conference leader or for some other reason that, at this point in time, escapes me:

Oakland (16): Oakland is currently 6-10 and in third place in the Mid-Continent conference, I would replace them with MCC frontrunner Valpo. But hey, at this point, does it really matter? Palm has Oakland playing Maryland in the opening round and something--yes, I am bit clairvoyant, thanks--tells me that the Terps are going to win that one.

Hofstra (8): The Pride has an excellent start to their season and have even been featured in this blog. I think they will ultimately win their conference and earn an automatic bid. However, they have lost two of their last four conference games and are not leading the conference at the current time. I would keep them in the tourney, just not as high as an eight seed.

Auburn (10): The Tigers are currently seventh in the SEC with a 1-2 conference record and at 14-5, with tough upcoming games at Florida, at No. 8 LSU, against Tennessee, at No. 12 Vandy, against Georgia and at No. 24 Ole Miss, Auburn has a very difficult road ahead if it wants to keep a spot in the tourney.

As the conference standings begin to take shape, and as the year progresses, the Road to the Final 64 will be updated accordingly.

Posted by Jeff Lippman at 05:51 PM on January 16, 2007
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Is Jerry Palm drunk??? Texas A&M will be one of the last four teams in and a 12-seed?

Mr. Palm doesn't realize that the selection committee uses more than the ridiculous RPI to rate teams. National rankings (A&M is currently 17th & 18th) and even Sagarin's various rankings (#23 and #18).

Get a clue! They look at something other than RPI!

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