What Have You Done For Me Lately?

By Jeff Lippman - January 10, 2007

What is wrong with the Gators?

Is Carolyn Peck just going to sit around and let Urban Meyer and Billy Donovan get all the glory in Gainesville?

The Florida Gators are national champions in Men's Basketball and Football, so to me, that just begs the obvious question, when are the Gators going to win a women's basketball championship.

And why not the Gators? They've won damn near everything else.

If you look at the spectrum of women's basketball it becomes very clear that teams with superior athletic programs most often are the best women's basketball programs.

Duke, North Carolina, Maryland, Stanford, UCLA, Tennessee, Ohio State, Connecticut, etc. These are all teams that have solid athletics programs as a whole, and more importantly, top basketball programs.

Since I don' t think anyone would argue that Florida has a decent athletics program, it is safe to say that the Gators should be an up and coming women's team.

They are not, however.

In 2002-03, the Gators decided to get serious about their women's basketball program when they hired Carolyn Peck who, after only two seasons as head coach at Purdue led them to national championship.

If the Gators were going to become an elite women's basketball program, it would be Peck to lead them there.

So far, after four full seasons in Gainesville, Peck has not been able to capture lightening in a bottle like she did with the Boilermakers.

Peck has amassed a rather uninspiring 63-54 record with Florida, including only two NCAA trips in four years and never being able to get past the second round of the tournament.

With all the resources and reputation coming from Gainesville, the current Gator record of 6-10 just isn't cutting it.

Of course, with all the partying going on down University Drive for the football and men's basketball teams, I'm sure the Gator Nation isn't paying much attention to the trials and tribulations the women's basketball team is suffering through.

But, after Jeremy Foley hired Carolyn Peck in 2002, the Gators were expecting more out of their national championship-winning investment, and Peck must soon deliver, or she may face the prospects of buying a one-way ticket right out of title town.

Posted by Jeff Lippman at 05:41 PM on January 10, 2007
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As usual you have a point ..., my burning question to Carolyn Peck is .... Why0Why would you leave Purdue ???
Knowing that the talent in the SEC is going to TN, Vandy, Auburn, even migrating to DUKE,UCONN, and now UNC.... why ,why indeed .. I once wrote down all the talent in one year that left Cali for TN,DUKE,UCONN ... had the Cali girls stated home I assure you UCLA,Stanford , USC, and Cal would have been deep in the BIG SHOW....
just for example .. Diana Trasui, Willnett Crockett, Chanda Huston, Loree More, Tye's ha Fluker . Courtney and Ashley Paris .. Ashley would start on most teams ...CP3 is Huge for OK ......
A very Glaring fact is Cameo Hicks on the UW (Seattle) team is running away with the P-10 league her home town .. mmmhuhn Tracy California ..
their 3 leading sores are Cali girls ... the funny stat here is the 3 leading scores on the ASU AZ .. team are from WA.
I really think that Narbonne in Ca and Christ the king high school in NYC could claim a National title with
the talent they have produced ... then there is Katie Starbird and Jen Azzi going to Stanford , had they stayed home who knows how UW and TN would have faired those years and Alana and Simone on the same team whoa ... scary .. anyway womens basketball is a strange bird .. i am just glad it flys ......... Judy in WA

No doubt Peck will be gone after this season. The question is: who will be her replacement? Florida can pitch top dollar to a big name, but is there a big name willing to clean up the current mess in Gainesville?

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